Chomp: The App Discovery Engine You Have Been Waiting For

On October 11, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Chomp: The App Discovery Engine You Have Been Waiting For

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By: Chomp

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Have you ever tried to find an app only to discover that your search terms are actually preventing you from getting any good choices? This is a very typical problem because most app stores list by title only. The Chomp app can step in and help out because it is a much more intuitive search engine.

Using the Chomp app will allow you to search for new apps based on the type of app rather than its title. This means that if you are looking for apps to help you with To-Do lists, or apps geared at astronomy, the search engine will not look only for these words in the title, but in the description too. It will return a large range of options which can be refined and sorted with powerful filters as well, including by more specialized categories or pricing. There are also ways to see how apps are ranked in user reviews, which is a profoundly powerful tool as well. This app also allows the user to maintain a list of Favorites in order to see when or if their prices decrease as well.

There are apps offering reviews or rankings for all of the currently available apps, but the Chomp app really works in a dynamic and efficient way to provide a user with the most comprehensive lists of applications based on their criteria.

This app functions with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

There is no cost for the download of the Chomp app, and any updates would be made available at no additional fees as well.

When you want to find just the right apps for your device, and for your budget, this app is a good tool to download right away.

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