Chrono Trigger for iphone Review

On May 4, 2012

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Chrono Trigger for iphone Review

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The iOS has not only been a haven for original games, but has also been a boon for those with back catalogs of classic games. There has been many reissues of classic console games, some with great success and others not so much. Square Enix has been playing both sides of the fence with both original releases and well as digging up some of their bigger titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics. Today we look at one of their most anticipated releases with Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Trigger was released for the Super Nintendo system in 1995. It was an RPG that was created by a “dream team” of designers known for hits like Dragon Quest and the Final Fantasy series. It had many unique features like multiple endings, Plot related side quests that effected the path the story took, and an interesting semi-realtime battle system that also utilized combos between characters. It is considered one of the best titles to come out for the SNES and has been ported to other systems such as the Playstation and Nintendo DS.

The iOS version follows in the footsteps of other Square Enix ports. The graphics of the game have not been updated, but the interface elements such as dialog and buttons have been changed and this creates a noticeable difference between the high resolutions interface elements and the game itself which looks much like a low resolution emulated game. The controls outside of combat are easy to use, There is a virtual stick that can be utilized from anywhere on the map so it is never in your way. Taping on characters when you are near them allows you to interact with them. In the part of the game there is really only one static interface element on the screen and that is the menu buttons.

In combat There are several different buttons that let you select between attacks and items. You can also select between readied characters and there is a status bar at the top that will show you your health and how long until a character can take an action. While most of the time I didn’t have a problem with the interface, I did find the buttons a bit small and I would sometimes mis-tap which would result is frustrating in harder battles where a small mistake can cause a quick defeat. There are two battle modes available, one is a live battle mode where time continues to move while you are selecting things from the menu, and the other is a wait mode where once you are in a menu you can take your time and look through the list without having to worry about the enemies continuing to attack. This is excellent for new players, while the live battle mode is nice once you get the hang of playing as it speed up battles.

The game is really well put together and while the interface is perfect for the touchscreen, it is usable and the face that you can now play such a great classic RPG while you ride the bus, or on break at the office makes this a great deal. Square Enix has always been pricing their games at a premium, but when compared to the same game on portable gaming platforms the $9.99 price is quite a steal.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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