CIA : Operation Ajax Review – An engaging tale of espionage

On November 22, 2012

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CIA : Operation Ajax Review – An engaging tale of espionage

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By: Cognito Comics LLC

Version #: 2.2

Date Released: 2011-12-20

Developer: Cognito Comics

Price: 4.99

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A comic app, CIA: Operation Ajax is not just another graphic novel. Recounting an exciting tale focusing on espionage, CIA: Operation Ajax tells the tale of how the intelligence bureau toppled an Iranian regime.

While I cannot verify the authenticity of the story told, I must say that it is still very engaging although the storyline should not really affect the experience with the app. The fact that a movie adaptation of the plotline is in production should bear testament enough to the depth and quality of the enriching storyline given.

What I liked about CIA: Operation Ajax would be the interactivity which sets it apart from other virtual graphic novels. Modes of interaction include the ability to explore files and read through documentations, little details that enrich an already fulfilling experience.

I loved the inclusion of authentic declassified documents, which adds credibility to the storyline and gives readers a feel of what sleuthing is like.

For $4.99, I would recommend CIA: Operation Ajax for the download. An engaging tale, this is one story that will keep you hooked for many hours to come.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:N.A

Who Is It For:Fans of adventure novels

What I Like:The smooth presentation of graphics and rich storyline

What I Don't Like:N.A

Final Statement:Plunge into the depths of this content intensive novel.

Read the Developer's Notes:
"One of the coolest media experiences I've seen on the iPad" - New York Times. Now slated to be made into a feature film! View trailer :

Operation Ajax tells the true story of the first CIA backed coup which toppled Iran's democracy in 1953. Combining subtle animation with a film quality soundtrack, the story unfolds in a groundbreaking cinematic reading experience.

The app includes:
- 210 page interactive comic with sound and animation
- 22 character dossiers loaded with photos and notes
- 9 historical newsreels
- 3 authentic declassified CIA documents
- Embedded extra content that can be explored within the page

4 years in the making, CIA : Operation Ajax is a revolutionary new way to experience a graphic novel on the iPad.

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