Clockulous – Review

On October 10, 2008

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Clockulous – Review

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By: Oskar Lissheim

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-10


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This is about as simple an app as you are going to find, but it came in rather handy over the past two days.  I had a number of public talks to delivery and each had a specific timeframe attached.  If I ran over the allocated time in one talk, it would be like dominos tipping and throw the entire days schedule off.

I needed a quick way to keep an eye on the amount of time left during a particular talk, but I didn’t want to be looking at a watch.  So, I downloaded clockulous and tried using that instead of my wrist watch.

Clockulous is just a big, bold, easy to read clock.  You can change a few aspects of it, such as the background color, digit color, date, and whether or not it displays seconds.  You can also set whether the time is displayed landscape or portrait.  And thats about as much as this app does.

The thing is, while I might normally be critical of an app that is as simple and limited as this, the fact that it let me easily keep track of time while speaking, made it invaluable to me today.  For that reason alone I am a fan.

Quick Take

Value:  Medium
Would I Buy Again:  Yes
Learning Curve: Zero
Who is it for:  Anyone who needs a big, easy to read clock
What I like:  It is a big, easy to read clock!
What I Don’t: It is just a big, easy to read clock and that is it.  

Final Statement:  Clockulous is a one trick pony but its trick came in rather handy today as it helped keep me on schedule during a day when I REALLY needed to stay on schedule. For that reason alone I am now a fan.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Watch your time.
To the meek: Don't buy this application if you're not sure it is exactly what you want! However, if you are one of the many who dislike the built-in clock--since it's way to small to see most of the time--read on.
Clockulous is simply nothing more than a large digital clock, showing the current time, as well as the current date. You can use it both in portrait mode (e.g. when your iPhone is in the dock) as well as in landscape (making the digits even larger and more visible).
Also, coming in a future update we'll display the week number as well. Current features include:
- Show the time with or without seconds.- Choose between several contrasting color schemes, letting you select the perfect fit for your viewing environment. (Includes Red on black and Black on red color schemes for light-sensitive environments.)- Hide or show the date view.

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