Color Zen Review – I think I’m going to get a seizure

On August 1, 2013

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Color Zen Review – I think I’m going to get a seizure

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By: Large Animal Games

Version #: 1.1.1

Date Released: 2013-06-25

Developer: Large Animal Games

Price: 0.99

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Color Zen suggests players be granted a clear and soothed mind playing this game, but I found myself stressing out more instead.

A rather novel game concept, Color Zen places blocks of color-wrapped shapes around the screen for players to drag around. Collision of shapes of the same color results in the background being dyed that color which in a sense eliminates it from play. The round is won when each color is eliminated in that fashion.

This calls for much strategy so that each block is smashed in a certain sequential order.

The game also plays supposedly soothing music accompanied by the chiming of bells whenever colors collide. However, this proved to be more than annoying for my liking.

As far as the color scheme is concerned, while I do understand that the bright colors are meant to make the game vibrant and attractive, they caused a huge blur for me instead. More than once I found myself wincing when the screen filled with shades like bright orange. I had to stop myself from playing the game mere minutes into it for fear of my head, as I was getting a little giddy and developing a throbbing headache.

However, I must say that the game presents a very unique concept and stands out (literally). If you have a dollar to spare, I’d definitely recommend this to be given a go.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Nothing difficult about draggin colors around

Who Is It For:Puzzle lovers

What I Like:The game concept is unique

What I Don't Like:Color scheme is literally a pain

Final Statement:I doubt I'd achieve any zen with this

Read the Developer's Notes:
Color Zen is a new kind of puzzle game. One that invites you to put on your headphones, relax, and find your way through an abstract world of colors and shapes.

#1 Family Game in the US, #2 Puzzle Game in the US, #9 Overall Game for iPad

Praise for Color Zen:

“...a relaxing puzzle game that you will want to immerse yourself in with a pair of headphones and a comfy chair.”

“Its simple color-bursting mechanic provides an almost tactile response as you collide shapes, and its gorgeous mosaic layouts are cause to stop and savor each stage before proceeding to a solution...”

“Color Zen is soothing, addictive, and simple. What more could you ask for in a puzzle game?”

In Color Zen there is no score. No penalties for failure. Just a simple set of rules, intuitive controls, and satisfying puzzles. Get into the flow with Color Zen.

This game has been a labor of love for the team at Large Animal Games and is designed to be color blind-friendly. Please try Color Zen, share it with your friends and loved ones, and send us some feedback: [email protected]


Team Large Animal

P.S. Color Zen features audio by our friend Steve Woodzell. For more of Steve check out:


Hey Color Zen Fans! Have problems solving a level? Questions about the newest update? Something look off to you? Check out our FAQ page here for possible answers or to let us know about it:

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