Comic Touch – Review

On August 28, 2008

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Comic Touch – Review

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By: plasq LLC

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-10


Price: 4.99

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One of the best Mac applications for some somewhat mindless fun is Comic Life by Plasq (they also make the amazing hybrid web-app Skitch). Comic Life lets you quickly turn pictures into comic book pages. , or even an entire comic book, using your own images or drawings as panels. It is just plain fun and, if you use a Mac, I highly recommend it.

Now Plasq has brought the app to the iPhone and iPod Touch. How did porting it from the Mac to OS X iPhone go? Amazingly well.

Let me put it as clearly as I can- I LOVE THIS APP!

It is simple to use and works amazingly well. All you do is-

Take a picture (or choose one from your photo library)

Add the kind of comic "bubble" you want (speech, thoughts whisper, exclaim or caption)

(If you want to remove it simply touch the bubble or caption and hold until it jiggles and a small – too small- "x" appears. Tap it to remove the bubble.)

Add text.


Add an effects (or not) (bulge, dent, squeeze, stretch or light).

Then, you can choose to save or email the image.

It is a fun way to share your pictures and is limited only by your creativity (and whether or not your golden retriever lets you take her picture).
Quick Take

Value:  High!
Would I Buy Again: Absolutely 
Learning Curve: Medium
Who is it for: Anyone who likes to smile
What I like: Easy of use, powerful, flexible, FUN
What I Don’t: Difficult to hit the "x" just right and remove a bubble once added.

Final Statement: 

Read the Developer's Notes:
Make your photos come alive by giving them the Comic Touch. Add balloons to give your subjects thoughts and words. Add captions to describe the scene or give the photo a title. Use the PhotoBooth-style warping effects to add some fun. Turn people into caricatures of themselves or give them bizarre expressions. Endless fun! Share your creations via email or save them back to the Photo Library for even more sharing options.Visit our website: to watch a video demonstration of the application and learn how to position tails and remove balloons and captions.O U R   T A K E . . .

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