Componendo Music Arranger Full Review – Full of color and sound

On November 3, 2011

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Componendo Music Arranger Full Review – Full of color and sound

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Version #: 1.1.8

Date Released: 2011-10-15


Price: 7.99

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Componendo Music Arranger Full is an app definitely aimed at a niche market. Do you recall those electric keyboards that they sell in music stores, where you can control the sound the keyboard makes and create a background beat and do some other tricks? That’s basically what Componendo is, but for hundreds of dollars less.

The app is fairly simple to navigate since it’s basically a chord listing on the top and a keyboard on the bottom (and the keyboard can be set to sound like a saxophone). The graphics are fairly simplistic. There is also a “panel” icon above the keyboard that opens up various settings for the app, including a library to which the user can record and store songs. I’m not clear on how to get the songs onto your computer.

The tutorial provided is only available via the web, so make sure you have a WiFi or data connection if you ever have to use it. If I had to list improvements for this app, they would include a local copy of the tutorial, better graphics and the ability to transfer songs to the computer either via WiFi or iTunes.

I tested Componendo on the iPad, but it’s a universal app that works on the iPhone as well. Due to its high price (high relative to other iPad apps, not high relative to an actual electronic keyboard), it seems geared towards a niche market. It’s certainly good for those who want to learn about music. Otherwise, it’s somewhat complicated to use.

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Would I Buy Again:Maybe.

Learning Curve:High for anybody that doesn't understand music.

Who Is It For:Music composers.

What I Like:Very colorful and well-labeled.

What I Don't Like:Can't get songs off of device. Somewhat difficult to learn for the non-musician. High price.

Final Statement:Componendo is for a niche market. If you're not in that niche, you may want to stick with Garage Band.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Componendo (music pocket arranger)

- Would you like to create your very own songs and play live your favourite hits without even knowing how to read music or without having a musical instrument?

- Well, if you would we have just what you need. Using our app and your iPad or iPhone you can make music with just a few simple touches.

- It’s called Componendo, a music app in "Arranger" style for those who want to have fun playing in real time and recording their own songs in even without knowing anything about music but still want to produce a professional sound.

- This is all thanks to an easy to use and complete structure which gives you:
-Two solo instruments to play melodies (piano and sax);
-Keyboard and bass for the accompaniment;
-25 Drum loops for the rhythm

- The accompaniment chords are laid out on a grid which follows the western world musical system criteria: pressing these buttons you can make up simple or complex so called turnarounds useful to create a backtrack.

- Componendo is not a sequencer. To make music it is not necessary to record track by track or have technical and musical skills; with this software everything is ready, by pressing a few buttons you can create a full musical accompaniment.

- Recording a series of chords is really easy: when you press the REC button, whatever you do on the display will be recorded, saved and can be retrieved at any time on your device.

- In more, Componendo is also interactive which means that It will recommend the most suitable chords to use while you are making up your own turnarounds.

- Since Componendo is designed to play live, it is completely different from other programs such as GarageBand. Instead it can be used along with such other programs and be a creative companion.

- Another important aspect of Componendo is its modular structure. It will be possible to expand your "instrumental set" with new sounds thanks to our “add-on Pack" that you will shortly be able to buy from "in-app Purchase".

- To hear the new sounds and new rhythms we urge you to buy the compilation entitled "iPad cafe" from the iTunes store.

- To make this compilation, we used the full instrumental set of Componendo which will be made available as soon as possible. However, you can find a demo of the compilation on our site.

- Finally, Componendo really is for everyone. Depending on your musical knowledge you can simply have fun or make your very own music.

- PLEASE NOTE: In this first version of Componendo only C major and A minor keys will be available and the drums rhythm speed for the moment cannot be modified. The can be added on in the future versions.

MOVIE: Watch the video promo in your language on
MP3 MUSIC: Listen to the music demos on
iTUNES: Buy the “iPad cafè" music album made with the whole set of instruments which will be available on-line shortly.
INFO AND TUTORIAL: You will be able to read or see the tutorial in your language. It explains and expands Componendo’s concepts according to the laws of music.

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