Convertbot – Review

On March 29, 2009

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Convertbot – Review

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By: Convertbot

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-03-25

Developer: Paul Haddad

Price: 0.99

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Cunning edge of technology… That is what it’s about! Yes, this is another one of those application that converts things from cm to mm to ft to meters, etc. What’s so great about this one, as opposed to, my current one on my springboard? Yeah, that’s what I said with my current one A2Z Pro.

In a nutshell, it’s pleasing design! Were you expecting more?

Ok, that wasn’t a great intro to this application but how many conversion applications can we have? Seriously, aren’t there other things that developers can make? We’ll ok, maybe I’m being hard with ConvertBot, but if I wasn’t writing about it, obviously, there isn’t much to say, but since I’m spending time to actually review this application and considering that everyone and their mother is talking about it, I wanted to see exactly what’s so great about this application.

So here it is, it’s a well thought regarding its design aspects and it has amazing interaction.

Will it replace my current conversion application, of course! Well, if you think about it and for those who have used probably one of the best conversion applications out there like A2Z pro, the greatest thing about A2Z Pro application is that you can have endless different conversions for anything and everything and you choose what you want to download to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Really, you would think that this is all the conversion application you need.

Well…I made the switch because really, I didn’t really need all the conversion things in the world, just the common ones. ConvertBot addresses the common conversion but with FLAIR!

I would probably say that the designers had fun with this because it is really well designed. Very futuristic, very well done. I can’t repeat myself over and over again.  It has sound interaction, it has intuitive workflow, this is it!

Is it worth what it’s worth? Yeah, go for it. If you need a conversion application, go with this. Just the interaction alone is good enough and well worth the cost. If you are looking for something more robust, well look elsewhere like A2Z Pro but for the most part and for most people, this is all that it’s needed and you will have fun with it.

Final Word
It’s great. All the hype proves itself worthy of a hype.

Quick Take:
Value: Medium
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Anyone who don’t know the breakdown of conversions.
What I like: Awesome UI (Design)
What I Don’t: I can’t say I don’t like this but I would like to see the ability to download more conversions that is not currently available. Otherwise, this application can probably take over all conversion applications for what it does and for the design aspect!


Read the Developer's Notes:
From the makers of Weightbot...Convertbot is a unit conversion robot. Convert currency, length, mass, time and much more in an exciting new way! Converting numbers will never again be a mundane task. In addition to its innovative interface, our robot is smart enough to convert to and from mixed units. Are you 5 foot 9 inches tall? Other converters require you to convert that to 5.75 ft in your head before being able to enter it.
R E A D  M O R E . . .

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