Countdown – Review

On September 30, 2008

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Countdown – Review

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By: Jonathan Johnson

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2008-08-10


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After a while I start to forget when I need to have something completed.  It’s not that I don’t intend to have something ready in time, or that I intentionally forget to call someone on their birthday or anniversary.  It’s just that I have 1000 things going on at the same time like most people and don’t always remember to check my calendar for what’s due on what day.

Countdown takes a shot at making this easier for you.  I downloaded this application hoping it would help me get a little better at keeping a handle on how much time I had before an event or something might be due.

I started up Countdown and entered my first item.  Jane’s Birthday, December 23, 2008, chose a nice icon of a cake, then picked the format for the countdown (Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute).  Then it was on to my second entry. This time it was an Anniversary. Same thing- pick the name, icon, and format.  I added about 5 events and then started to play around a little with the format until… Crash.  The whole thing just stopped and back to the home screen it went. 

So, I tried to start up the app again. No luck- it didn’t work.  I couldn’t get back in. 

Suddenly… I had chills up my spine… iPhone 2.0 did this and would turn all the other apps off too… oh no, not again… but after trying my other apps, everything was fine.  Countdown was the only one that crashed.

So, I took a closer look at the reviews on the app store and I noticed that I’m not the only one experiencing this.

An app that is supposed to remind me of important items can’t be unstable.

So it’s off my iPhone for now. 

Quick Take

Value:  High, if it worked without crashing.

Would I Buy Again:  If it was stable, absolutely.

Learning Curve: Low.

Who is it for:  Anyone that wants to countdown to any event, or see how long its been since an event.

What I like: Works as advertised, until…

What I Don’t:  Unstable.

Final Statement:  A great countdown timer, but without stability, its useless.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Wonder how many days are left until the big day? With Countdown that information will always be available at the tips of your fingers.

Countdown allows multiple events to be monitored, and you can watch the seconds go by as sand slowly fills the hourglass.O U R   T A K E  .  .  .

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