Crabitron Review – Don’t buy it! It will wreak havoc on your productivity!

On April 21, 2013

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Crabitron Review – Don’t buy it! It will wreak havoc on your productivity!

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By: Two Lives Left

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2013-04-19

Developer: Two Lives Left

Price: 4.99

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Don’t buy Crabitron! It will seriously wreck your productivity. Seriously.

I bought it yesterday, and have probably played 4 hours already. It may not seem like a lot, but considering I’ve had only like 5 hours of non-work non-sleeping time, I think it’s quite a feat, don’t you tihnk?

In Crabitron you control a giant space crab wreaking havoc in the space lanes. When I saw it pop in the App Store it reminded me of a Doctor Who foe (the Macra) in the Gridlock episode.

Crabitron offers an awesome and innovative control scheme. You use your right and left hand’s thumb and index finger to drive Crabitron’s pincers. Use them to crush, snap and eat spacecars and spaceships. You can crack open all vehicles and eat their yummy occupants (occupants that look somewhat similar to the humanoids from Adventure Times) as well as several different types of cargo (Steinway pianos are one of the most curious).

The game also sports several different minigames between standard levels. Defending Crabitron against a barrage of missiles and an onslaught of meteors are the most understandable. But there’s also an Arkanoid / Breakout minigame… As well as several boss’ battles where you may fight a Star Fighter or one of the bosses you can find in Punch Quest.

The game music is relatively okay, nothing fancy. Goes well with the constant crashing and exploding, as well with the burping of your Crabitron when he eats his stuff.

As interesting extras, you’ll be the iceberg for an space Titanic (you’ll laugh when you find it!,) will eat a good amount of doughnuts from cracking police cars and the Planet Express spaceship from Futurama. Oh, and you’ll wield a light saber. And fight space sharks. With friggin’ lasers in the head. The only thing missing from this game is bacon (there’s actually a pig out there though).

In short: even if Crabitron comes with a relatively high tag price, it is well worth it. There are two in-app purchases, to get more coins to unlock new abilities, but these are completely and absolutely optional. No need to buy them. Go grab Crabitron, unless you have some real work to do!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:Original gameplay, fun

What I Don't Like:Maybe a little pricy

Final Statement:Great game, great controls, great purchase

Read the Developer's Notes:
“I’ve always wanted to be a giant space crab.” - Gabe Newell

“The controls are perfect.” - Touch Arcade


Once, every hundred years, Crabitron descends upon the civilized galaxy to teach humanity a brutal lesson — to stop eating his delicious crustacean brothers.

Humanity never learns. It's time for their lesson.


A lovingly crafted game about destroying the universe as a Giant Space Crab.

• Touch, pinch, and fling your claws to cause destruction
• Battle against waves of enemies, including sharks with frickin’ lasers
• Gobble Burgers of Power, burp fireballs and suck in everything
• Snap, crush and ruin everyone’s day... or life
• The world's most realistic Giant Space Crab simulation

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