Creepy Crawlies for iPhone, iPad, iPod-touch Review

On February 16, 2012

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Creepy Crawlies for iPhone, iPad, iPod-touch Review

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Are you afraid of spiders? Does the thought of little bugs crawling toward you make your skin crawl? If so then I suggest you look at one of other nice reviews and stop reading this one immediately. Now that they are gone, Let’s take a look at the new augmented reality game, Creepy Crawlies.

The game takes its cues from the long line of AR games that have sprung forth from the app store since iOS 4. The game pits you against an endless onslaught of bugs, mice, snakes, and other unsightly pests, as they march toward you and attempts to make you dinner. You are armed with some measly bug spray, but you will soon find yourself roasting the roaches with a flame-thrower or a laser raffle.

The game is controlled by holding the phone in your hands and looking around at the scenery arounds you. There is a radar dish in the corner that shows you where you are looking in relation to the incoming bugs. Once you have the bug in sight you let loose while avoiding his flanking brethren. There are six rounds and three difficulty levels which seems like enough to keep you busy.

Control-wise I had a difficult time with moving around and getting a bead on the enemy. This is until I actually watched a video of someone playing the game and I realized that this game is intended to be played standing up, and with a fair amount of room to move. This is a step more realistic than most AR games that have you simply rotating around in one spot. This can be hard for some who play their games in offices or other locations that don’t afford them to move around. Another notable omission if that lack of any high scores, or GameCenter support. Games like this thrive on the player competition to beat out their friend’s scores. While this may be comes in the future, I still found the game entertaining once I had mastered the controls. There was certainly a bit of fear welling up inside as I shuffled back way from the incoming tarantula.

The ongoing playability of games like this is hard to determine as they limit where the gamer can play, and they tend to be simple 3-D move and shoot games. This theme is definitely one of the better choices to AR, so I hope that as this game is updated we can see the features and levels expand to keep the game fresh. If you are interesting in picking up an AR game for your new iPhone 4 I think Creepy Crawlies is a good pick and will be giving you the willies for quite a while.

We rate this app 3 out of 5 stars.

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