Crow Review – An eerily odd and impressive game

On April 15, 2012

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Crow Review – An eerily odd and impressive game

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By: Sunside Games

Version #: 1.01

Date Released: 2012-04-13

Developer: Sunside Games

Price: 4.99

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I was intrigued when I saw this game being featured by Apple in the Spanish App Store. Since it was not expensive and had raving reviews by almost all users, I decided to give it a go: usually Apple only promotes high quality apps. And I was expecting, Crow did not disappoint me at all.

In Crow you play the role of, well, a crow, flying around a far away land. You will collect “trinkets” that will enhance your magical powers. This is probably one of the few apps I’ve seen that make the customary “truly unique app, no analogs in the App Store” true. I can’t really describe what the Crow gameplay feels like.

The 3D scenery in Crow is very well drawn, and animations are incredibly smooth. Cut scenes are long and detailed (and you can’t skip them: this is not a pick-and-play game when exploring the adventure for the first time,) and “boss battles” are always unique and different.

If I had to draw a comparison, I’d say this is almost like a Shadow of the Colossus (a Playstation game) inspired game, but for mobile devices like iPad and iPhone (I forgot to mention that the app is universal, working both in iPads and iPhones). In Crow you will wander around the lands without much trouble, until you decide it is time to fight the big foe, much like in Shadow of the Colossus. Only the story of Crow is far, far more convoluted (if possible).

We can definitely recommend Crow to everyone who loves to push their gameplay experiences as far as possible. Crow is one of those bizarre games you find every once in a while (World of Goo, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus…) that after many years are the subject of talks over a beer about how good the old times were.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Maybe

Learning Curve:Low, and has a very good tutorial

Who Is It For:Artistic gamers. This is both an art piece and game

What I Like:Novel idea and gameplay

What I Don't Like:The long cut-scenes cut a little the playing experience

Final Statement:A novel game, give it a try

Read the Developer's Notes:
Crow is a story-driven action-adventure for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Combining unique exploration, combat, and game mechanics, Crow takes the player on an exciting journey to faraway lands where an ancient battle is unfolding.

Created using Sunside's in-house game platform Radiance™, Crow delivers stunning visuals and immersion in a fully 3D world.

Your choices will forever alter the course of this world. Will you Curse your foes or Spare them and risk the consequences?

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