Cube Runner – Review

On July 12, 2008

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Cube Runner – Review

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By: Andy Qua

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-10


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Games are a huge offering on the App Store so I decided to start slow with a few simple games that are either free or inexpensive, that look like fun and that seem to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique feature.

First up- CubeRunner from developer Andy Qua.

Cube Runner is a free download from the App Store that is lots of fun and a good way to ease into the unique gameplay (ie steering via the accelerometer) that many of the iPhone and iPod Touch games will employ. 

Game play is simple- fly your ship (represented by a simple triangular shape with a shadow beneath) through a maze of cubes that lie in a random path without running into them. Run into them and your ship flies into little pieces.

The controls are simple- move the iPhone to steer and the game offers mutliple levels of difficulty. While none are currently available, the game will offer an increasing number of downloadable level packs. They are easy to add (all it takes it a touch of the screen) and tey will allow for the creation of new and different designs.

As it stand now, though, the game is certainly worth a look.



The "WOiP Five" (What 5 adjectives that come to mind when I think of this game?):

Fun, cool, simple, basic, nice!

Overall Value: High (It’s cool and it’s free!)

Entertainment Value:

iPhone "Uniqueness":
High (It’s my first iPhone-resident game that uses the accelerometer)

Graphics: Basic- Simple cubes that kind of reminds me of early Pong games

Controls: Cool! I love using the accelerometer to move the game-play forward.

Level of Difficulty: It’s a total new experience to use the iPhone as the controller and that makes it an initial challenge. At first I watched myself blow up within seconds of playing but with more time I have begun to get the hang of it.

Age Appropriateness:
This is a non-violent game that will be good for all ages. Due to the hand-eye coordination, however, it may not be great for the very young or the "not so young"

Longevity (will it hold interest over time
): I can see keeping this on my iPhone all the time and coming back to it often to waste spend a few minutes.

Would I Buy Again: Since it was free- Yup. I would even pay a few dollars to get it.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Fly your ship across a landscape whilst avoiding the many treacherous cubes which lie in your path. Swoop through narrow gaps using the built-in accelerometer.FEATURE:- Simple Height controls using the accelerometer
- Various levels of difficulty
- Downloadable level packs - create your own designs and share them with friendsO U R   T A K E   .   .   .

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