Cubefused for iphone Review

On May 24, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Cubefused for iphone Review

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Cubefused by Digital Coalescence takes a Rubics cube and explodes it to reveal a puzzle game that does require speed or dexterity. If you are lacking in either, you will find Cubefused a relaxing distraction while riding a bus or waiting for the doctor. This three dimensional puzzle is both colorful and easy to understand, but does it have the challenge and replay-ability to stand up to the test of time?

The basics are simple, add or remove cubes (and by cubes it can also be hexagons, trinomials, and other shapes in later levels) so that the two pieces on the board fit together. There is a rib behind the blocks that shows you the pattern so the challenge is in looking at one side and then imagining the other as an opposite. In the earliest levels, this task is almost too easy. I found myself speeding through levels and wondering where the challenge is. With over 4000 levels I can’t tell you exactly where this started, but I can say the difficulty was certainly laid on thick when the block layers were increased. Now it wasn’t just a game of 1’s and 0’s but the exact elevation had to be discerned.

The game is easy to understand and has a nice tutorial to learn the interface. There isn’t any time limit so you don’t have to speed through the puzzles, but I found myself trying to do so and I longed for a mode that was more about how fast you can complete the puzzle. There is an editor that will lets you create any puzzle you want, but there is no way to share these puzzles except by handing someone your device. Cubefused also lacks any sort of social interaction or posting, so there will be no digital high-fives from your friends when you finish a section.

As I played Cubefused, I was at first bothered by what seemed to me to be a lack of polish and features. I also found a large part of the initial game unchallenging without a way to skip to harder levels. As I did play through later level I did find the difficulty becoming better, and I also started to see Cubefused as a simple puzzle game that is satisfied with itself not to carry all the bells and whistles that other games have set as standard. Perhaps you don’t need to spam your friends Facebook every time you complete a task. Maybe I don’t need a timer to enjoy speed puzzles. Cubefused is a nice puzzle game without too many flashy features, and if you enjoy a bit of simple cube tapping fun you might throw down $.99 and grab this little game.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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