Cut the Rope: Experiments for iPhone, iPad Review

On August 4, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Cut the Rope: Experiments for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: ZeptoLab UK Limited

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By ZeptoLab UK Limited

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We love Cut the rope. It’s original, it’s fun, it’s purrrdy, and it just kicked Angry Birds from the number one slot in the app store! Take that you pesky critters and you stupid eggs! Needless to say, i’m not a big Angry Birds fan….

Released on the fourth of August, Cut the rope: Experiments shot to first place. So what’s new? Well, Om Nom, the cute little guy you had to feed (or he’d look like my dog when she doesn’t get a treat. Breaks my heart) has a little friend this time, The Professor. He gives useful hints on gameplay, laughs at you when you get it wrong and praises you if you’re a good little student. The basics are still, the same, you have to feed Om Nom candy, but the Professor makes it easier. A teensy weensy bit easier, actually, it’s still a tough game. Along the way you help the Professor with his experiments (hence the name).

I loved Cut the rope, and though I generally don’t go in for sequels, this may be the exception to the rule. It’s such a good game, you can play it with your kids and everybody is challenged (or gets REALLY frustrated, whatever happens first). The new twists (a rope shooter and a suction cup) aren’t brilliant, but they sure are fun.
Shame the game still has no replay value. But hey, it’s still a great game!

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars

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