Cute Rocket – Kids will love this

On October 11, 2013

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Cute Rocket – Kids will love this

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By: Jonathan Fischer

Version #: 1.1.1

Date Released: 2013-09-16

Developer: Jonathan Fischer

Price: 1.99

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Cute Rocket kinda reminded me of the viral Nyan Cat from a while back. Colorful, cutesy, and soaring through space.

This game presents itself as it is, direct and straight to the point. Targeted at children, what you see is what you get so don’t be expecting hidden mini games and whatnot. Players start off by selecting their choice of vehicle, a “Kraken” (I saw more resemblance to a bee given the stripes but I did notice the tentacles) and a ladybug. After which players may choose their choice of character sprites before proceeding with the game.

Gameplay itself is overly simplistic, hence the point that it was strictly meant for the younger generation. Collect the stars and dodge the missiles, how much easier can that get. A blip to the bottom of the screen displaying how many hits the ship can take.

I handed this game to my 4 year old nephew and he surprisingly caught on to it pretty quickly. While I couldn’t see the fun in the game, it appeared to be a hit with the kids as he was ensnared and wouldn’t part with my phone when it was time to go.

So if you ever need to keep the kids busy, here’s the app for you.

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Would I Buy Again:If I had a kid below the age of 6.

Learning Curve:Very easy.

Who Is It For:The really young ones.

What I Like:The game is simple enough for children to learn and is engaging enough to keep them occupied.

What I Don't Like:Perhaps a little too simple?

Final Statement:Woosh.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Fly through space, collecting stars! Don't run into the asteroids, your rocket can only take so much damage!

Cute Rocket is a simple game for young children. No in-app purchases, no ads, no Game Center, nothing at all to take you out of the game.

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