Dashbuster – Review

On December 17, 2008

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Dashbuster – Review

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By: Jerry Jones

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2008-08-12


Price: 3.99

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With Dashbuster we finally see a serious app for viewing, searching and updating the Netflix library and your Netflix cue. As a bonus it also works with Bockbuster’s online service.
Dashbuster comes in two versions, a free version that comes with ads and a premium version that does not  (although the premium version is not currently in the App Store). Dashbuster gives you complete control over your Netflix queue.

You can
-view your shipped, queued and saved movies with ease
-You can manage your queue by reording it through simple drag and drop
-If you want to remove a movie you simply use the good old iPhone swipe method of delete

The search function works well and provides a great deal of information. You can see review ratings, director, a description and the movie’s "cover art".

In all, Dashbuster looks great. It is a complete and powerful app that also has a far more polished feel than the two Netflix apps previously reviewed. Unfortunately, while I did not run into an issues while using it, the number of caveats offered by the developer in the app’s description clearly indicates that there have been some serious, on-going issues that many have run into with the app.

My biggest issue with this app is the exact opposite of the one I had with Instant Queue- this app only looks at physical movies and does not address the all-important instant queue movies and functionality of Netflix.

The paid version is not currently in the App Store but the free one can be found HERE.

Quick Take

Value: Medium
Would I Buy Again: No
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Lovers of Netflix who "withdraw movies" but don’t use the instant view feature
What I like: Nice interface 
What I Don’t: As far as I can tell does not include instant view films. Based on the blurb it seems to have a lot of issues still. 

Final Statement:  Nyet

Read the Developer's Notes:
Managing your online movie rental service has never been so simple!

Dashbuster lets you manage your Netflix™ or Blockbuster™ queue with speed and simplicity unmatched by any other means, and in a format that's right at home on the iPhone.

- View and your shipped, queued, and saved movies at a glance, including cover art- Drag and Drop Queue Reordering- Swipe to Delete Movie removal- View movie details quickly and easily: Stars, Director, Description and Cover Art- Add movies from popular RSS feeds- Quickly search for movies on the go- Safe and Secure.- Fastest way to interact with Blockbuster or Netflix from an iPhone

Dashbuster is not sponsored by or affiliated with Blockbuster or Netflix

Current Issues:

Blockbuster RSS Feeds Are Down - We have no control over this, please send support requests to blockbuster to help speed this resolution.

Netflix Login - Some users are seeing Dashbuster hang at "Logging In..." , there is a bug that causes Dashbuster to hang if you have special characters in your password. Update pending, in the mean time, you can change your password so it doesn't have special characters.

Netflix Zero Queue Items - At least one server at Netflix is presenting users with some very odd markup that causes Dashbuster to register 0 items in your queue. This has been isolated and a fix is pending. Users aren't tied to a server, until the fix comes out, reloading your queue seems to fix the problem at times.

NOTICE: Please, if Dashbuster is crashing, or doesn't work for any reason at all, visit our support site and send us a message. We WILL make sure we get any bugs fixed ASAP. It is very important that Dashbuster works like our users expect it to.

Apples Review system makes releasing updates rapidly a very difficult thing. We are working on faster system for addressing future changes with the Blockbuster and Netflix sites.

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