Day 2 Giveaway 6 – iMenorah

On December 22, 2008

True story — I sent some friends a copy of iMenorah yesterday.  This evening I received an e-mail from them. It seems the weather caused an unexpected overnight in an airport hotel as they were headed out for a family vacation. All of the baggage was checked so they had nothing but the clothes on their back. Everything else, including their menorah, was packed in their bags. 

Well, you guessed it, they pulled out their iPhones and started their holiday in the best way they could.  Something tells me, this is one first night of Hanukkah their kids will always remember.

I hope you don’t get stuck in an airport hotel this week but just in case, we have four copies of iMenorah  to get out at 11 PM tonight. Leave a comment below to enter.