Day One (Journal / Diary) Review – Dear diary, today I…

On September 13, 2013

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Day One (Journal / Diary) Review – Dear diary, today I…

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By: Bloom Built, LLC

Version #: 1.11.1

Date Released: 2013-07-20

Developer: Bloom Built, LLC

Price: 4.99

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Dear Diary,

Today I wrote a review on this awesome new app I chanced upon. It was like a blog, but better. I was awed by the amazing user interface, the simplistic usage of neutral colors appealed to me and I found it very soothing to the eyes. The app was able to categorize whatever I posted neatly with attention placed on ease of future access. I loved how all my images and links were embedded nicely, and how everything flowed so smoothly instead of random images sticking out like a sore thumb. This neatness in formatting is something worth mentioning indeed.

Actual content posted in this Day One (Journal/Diary) gave me a plethora of features to use and choose from. I could write the boring old text post with thousands of words, but I would also spice things up with realistic attachments that embedded and immersed themselves so smoothly with my writing. I could do basic things like tagging photos, but I could also geo-tag my posts to the locations I were at at that very day and even data concerning the weather and temperature for the day. There was also a whole load of formatting tools available to make my posts look neat and tidy, a treat for the eyes.

Writing into my diary was no longer as troublesome as physically carrying a book to jot in, nor was it as complicated as setting up a blog. All I had to do was write, and the app settled the rest of the concerns for me.

Dear diary, today I made a great bargain. At $4.99 this app beats all other diary applications I’ve come across. For those that love keeping track of their daily memories, this is definitely something I would recommend to you.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:People who keep diaries

What I Like:The tidiness and feature available

What I Don't Like:App could be priced cheaper

Final Statement:It's one of the best journal applications I've come across

Read the Developer's Notes:
A new way to journal. Enter your memories, ideas, events and photos to have them synced to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud or Dropbox.
** App Store App of the Week - Jan 2012 **
This is your personal history. Preserved.
Designed and focused to encourage you to write and recall more information about your life. Featuring:

• Sync (via iCloud or Dropbox) to Mac, iPhone and iPad apps
• Photos (Camera+ Integration iPhone only)
• Tags & #hashtags
• GPS, Locations, Foursquare Places
• Weather and Temperature Data (3-day historical)
• Calendar View
• Search
• Passcode Lock
• Reminders
• Multi-Markdown (Text formatting)
• Starred Entries List
• Universal iPhone and iPad
• Entries By Year view
• TextExpander snippet support
• Send as Tweet
• Foursquare Check-in (with Photo)
• Email entry (HTML or Plain Text)
• Full Screen Mode

"Day One Journal has come a very long way. Using it every day now." — Jack Dorsey
"Makes journaling as easy as tweeting." — Cameron Moll

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* #1 Best Apps of 2011 Mac App Store.

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