Defense zone HD Review – Cover the base!

On November 16, 2012

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Defense zone HD Review – Cover the base!

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By: Artem Kotov

Version #: 1.4.9

Date Released: 2012-07-19

Developer: Artem Kotov

Price: 2.99

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I’ve always been a fan of tower defense games. I mean, who doesn’t love setting up towers then watching hundreds of armored bugs get squashed (or smashed to smithereens in this case) while you sit back and relax? Well with Defense Zone you can satisfy your sadistic cravings on the go while you watch semi-futuristic machines get blasted to bits.

Like a typical tower defense game, Defense Zone revolves around strategically placing towers throughout the game map before sitting back to watch hordes of lowly drones try to force their way through while getting pelted by barrages of attacks by your towers. I’ve always wondered why enemy squadrons would always be so stupid and insist on following that one route, but oh well, that is what makes the genre fun.

Defense Zone does not have much notable special features that set it apart from other tower defense game. However, even with that said, Defense Zone does a splendid job in terms of raw gameplay. The towers are nicely drawn, with a large variety of upgradable towers that each have their own unique functions. Options and tabs are well placed, which is great for a complex game on a small screen so that things don’t get into each other’s ways.

A nifty little feature in Defense Zone that I particularly liked would be the ability to jump upgrades. While in most tower defense games, you have to manually upgrade your tower from one level to the next before moving on to the third, Defense Zone allows players to jump immediately to the final upgrade level with the tap of a button. Of course, the costs of doing so are appropriately worked out.

At $2.99, Defense Zone is a little near the expensive side considering you can get largely similar games at a third of the price. However, it is overall a great game, albeit a little basic with nothing fantastic to rave about. It does make for decent gameplay and is a good title in general.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The upgrading system

What I Don't Like:Game lacks unique features to individualize it.

Final Statement:Launch the big guns

Read the Developer's Notes:
Stunning detail of levels, in-depth gameplay, finely tuned balance of all levels and turrets.

During the game you will hold your defence with your turrets against the massive hordes of enemies.
With every level you will have the use of new weapons at your command.
It is up to you, commander, how to spend the resources: restore and upgrade your veteran units or to purchase some new ones.
Different types of weaponry and landscape provide you with a variety of choices of defence tactics.
Choosing the right weapons and the correct placement is key to any successful defence.
The weapons have different firepower, rate of fire, firing range, blast radius and price.

OpenFeint support allows posting all level results in a consolidated database. You can compare your skills with other players and show off your best score.

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