DeStressify PRO Review – The stress reliever app

On July 1, 2015

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DeStressify PRO Review – The stress reliever app

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By: Stress Refuge

Version #: 1.125.7

Date Released: 2015-06-02

Developer: Stress Refuge

Price: 5.99

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I have a playlist on my iPhone called “Nature Sounds” that I listen to whenever I find myself to be in a bad mood. It really helps me relax and I’m sure that many of you also have similar tricks to relieve stress. DeSressify PRO is a new iOS app from Stress Refuge, which brings an extensive set of scientifically proven methods for the same, right to the palm of your hand.

DeStressify, as the name suggests, aims to take the stress out of your life, in order to achieve complete mental, emotional and physical well-being. And it does so by providing meditations, cross training for stress relief, exercise info, advice regarding nutrition and stress education.

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The app gets you started with a video explaining what stress is, its causes, its effects on your body and how meditation helps, so that you know the condition before you start conquering it. You can dive deeper into it from the Learn menu of the app, where you have more detailed chapters on stress.

After this one-time learning session, we get to the core of our app, the Meditations menu. The screen asks you about your stress level for the day and how well you slept last night and the app automatically creates a schedule for you. Now tap on the “DeStress” button and hear calming narrations by specially trained doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health care professionals.

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Meditation techniques in DeStressify include guided imagery, breath training, music therapy, visualizations and mind exercises. As you follow the narrator, you find your body and mind relaxing together, delivering a pleasurable experience. In the end, the app asks for your new Stress level and you are sure to find a significant drop from what you started with. DeStressify suggests a 10-minute session every day in the morning but you can change the ‘My Plan’ to whatever fits you best.

In addition to the scheduled sessions, you can turn to DeStressify whenever you are not in the best mood. You can select meditation or choose Practices from categories like Calm, Balanced, Relaxed, Energized and Joyful, based on your current need. You can even upload own audio and video files for personalised content.

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DeStressify also comes with a huge library of Nutrition advices for the best brain and mental health. You can read about the various nutrients needed, how they help, the foods containing them etc and can add the items directly to your schedule so that you never forget to grab a bite.

Finally DeStressify also has a statistical zone called Progress, where all your stress levels, how it changes with the sessions and over time, average stress levels and sleep quality are plotted in graphs to give you a visual idea of how well you are doing. You can even add friends and view their activities to keep yourself motivated.

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DeStressify is a simple app packing together multiple domains of mental care, including education, meditation, exercises and nutrition, with the ability to create schedules, track progress and interact with friends. This makes it the most complete app of the sort we have seen so far and is the best choice for anyone who gets stressed or anxious frequently, or like to relax before sleep or just wants to control your mind better.

Get DeStressify PRO for iPhone and iPad from the App Store for $5.99 or check out their lite version Destressify Stress Relief for free.

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Would I Buy Again:Yup

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Those who get stressed easily

What I Like:It brings different stress relief tools together

What I Don't Like:None

Final Statement:Keep calm and download DeStressify!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Get stress relief that lasts.

In as little as 10 minutes per day, learn life-changing skills for dealing with thoughts, emotions and beliefs that induce stress or anxiety. This comprehensive program addresses 5 key areas of stress relief: practices for calming the mind, emotional balance, relaxation, energizing exercises, and achieving joy.

Techniques include guided imagery, visualizations, breathing and more. Watch a video exploring the causes of stress and your body’s physiological responses and discover how your thoughts and emotions are a key component. Learn about the right nutrition for optimal brain health. Schedule your exercise or self-care activities into your weekly routine. Listen to guided meditations or mindfulness exercises to experience a deep sense of calm right now. Let your cells resonate with some calming sound. You can customize the plan to fit your lifestyle and focus on the stress relief practices that best speak to you.

Contains over 45 FREE bonus audio and video stress relief exercises from doctors, psychologists, PhD’s and renowned experts including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dan Siegel, Kelly McGonigal, Tara Brach, Caroline Myss, Jack Kornfield and more.

Includes the help you need to stick to your practice goals:

- Schedule your practice and get reminders
- Record your stress level over time to track your progress
- View practice history and see which practices work best for you
- Invite practice buddies to help keep motivated

Completely customizable:

- Customize your home screen for quick access to your favorites
- Customize your plan with any bonus practices or activities you prefer
- Add your own audio or video practices

Begin to feel relief from stress right away.

The core plan consists of 14 key practices to get you started. It is designed to cover everything you need to know in two weeks, practicing on average only 10 minutes per day. That is only about an hour and 15 minutes per week! The frequency of practicing is more important than the length of time spent each session so most sessions are built with a busy lifestyle in mind.

The latest neuroscientific research indicates that with repetition, the neural pathways of the brain rewire themselves for the new behaviors. After only a few months of practice, the changes become permanent and automatic. And you experience stress relief that lasts! Regardless of the challenges you face in your health, career, or relationships, it is possible to deal with them in a healthier way.

Download this app and start DeStressifying today!

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