DialZoo Review – Free internet calling for businesses

On January 15, 2015

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DialZoo Review – Free internet calling for businesses

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By: DialZoo.me

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2014-12-17

Developer: DialZoo Support

Price: Free

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We have seen plenty of voice messaging and voice calling apps for iPhone, and even Apple has their own versions of the same in iOS 8 as Voice iMessage and FaceTime audio. But all those calling apps have a major caveat, that the calls are only app-to-app. So unless both of you guys have Apple devices or the same messenger app, they can’t really help you to make free calls. And speaking of the paid ones, they are damn expensive too. This is exactly where DialZoo, a new voice calling app excels.

DialZoo is always free for the caller to make calls. Always!

How? Actually, this app is more directed towards business professionals who’d like their clients to call them for free and with ease. So its the receiver who pays for the calls and not the caller. Let me tell you how this whole thing works.

With DialZoo, the user calls the email addresses and not the mobile number. The caller can just enter the mail id on DialZoo iOS app or on their website or just click a link of the format https://dialzoo.me/email to make the call. By default, the calls are just recorded as voicemails which are mailed to the receiver’s account where he can listen to it as an audio file. But if the receiver guy wants to take live calls and talk directly to the caller on his mobile or landline, he has to buy credits from DialZoo.


So let’s imagine you’re a restaurant owner. You create a DialZoo account and buy some credits and link your mobile number. Now https://dialzoo.me/YourRestaurantEmail becomes your DialZoo number. You share this link on social media, on your websites, on online articles and just about anywhere. Your customer just needs to click it and the call is automatically placed via his browser or via the DialZoo iOS app. There it is, your clients are calling you directly from a link you just shared on Facebook, and that too for free. You couldn’t get closer to your clients!

DialZoo is a must-have if you have an international community of clients, or if you just want to make it easy for your customers to contact you. You can also try this to call home from abroad since the rates are really competitive at DialZoo. This method has an added bonus of keeping your phone number hidden so that you needn’t carry around an extra business phone. Also clients are more likely to remember your company’s email id than your phone number and hence, it is likely that they contact you more often.


I gave DialZoo a try with the available free credits. It took about 15 seconds to get the call connected but after that, the voice quality was clear, without any noticeable lags and most importantly, the connection was really stable. I also tried the VoiceMail part which worked great too but I think the direct calls are much cooler.

In the end, if you’re a business owner looking for a great way to attract users to reach you or are having problems with expensive overseas calls, DialZoo is the way to go. New users can avail some free credits for trial. So if you can’t take my word for it, there’s no harm in trying the app for free anyway.

Get DialZoo from the AppStore for free.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yup

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Business owners

What I Like:The whole concept

What I Don't Like:Not optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Final Statement:Let your clients reach you with a tap

Read the Developer's Notes:
DialZoo lets you call anyone by their email address, direct from your browser - and now from your iPhone!

Call any email address: if the recipient has linked their phone number, their phone will ring; otherwise, you can leave a voicemail that will automatically be delivered to their inbox.

Calls are free for callers anywhere in the world! Want to get called via your email address? Just link you phone right from the app.

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