Did You Know? – Review

On September 10, 2008

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Did You Know? – Review

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By: Ethan Allen

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2008-08-06


Price: 0.99

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I cannot afford to waste time.  Ever.  Well, at least not this year, with all the schoolwork involved.  I try to avoid doing things that do not make good use of my time, although, on occasion, I turn on the television during the evening to watch Jeopardy! at seven-thirty on channel seven.
Did You Know…? is a very special little app that managed to do what I cannot.  It wasted my time and $0.99.  Sure, it functions exactly as prescribed, showing you daily facts about random things you can just look up on the internet for no extra charge whatsoever, but the problem is just that.  That is all the app does.  Each day, you open the app, and up pops a random fact on a lazily put-together program.

Okay fine, I will be honest.  It doesn’t do just that.  It also takes you to the support page if you touch the screen.  Fun, right? Apps like these make me begin to question if Apple really is upholding its policy on apps’ usefulness and function, as this one, for $0.99, does nothing compared to free apps such as Pandora Radio and gFlash+, both of which offer great functionalities and entertainment, things that Did You Know…? fails to deliver.  In my opinion, it hardly even qualifies as educational, which is the category it is unfortunately misclassified in.
Quick Take: Boring, useless, and too expensive.
Value: None at all, you just touch and read for about a second, and that is it.
Would I Buy Again: Nope.
Learning Curve: Low.
Who is it for: People who don’t have a computer to look up millions of more facts than it provides.
What I like: It is an app for the iPhone.
What I Don’t: You have to wait 24 hours for a new fact to pop up, it does nothing useful, and goes to the support page every time I touch it.

Final Statement: Not worth anyone’s time, unless you absolutely have to be hand-fed random facts about nothing particularly interesting.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Did You Know? is an application that will display daily interesting facts. Every day open this app to learn something new every day that you probably didn't know before.

Every day a new fact is displayed, so this app is constantly changing and will never be the same.O U R   T A K E . . .

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