Disney World Wait Times, Hours, Maps and Dining by Apptasmic.com for iphone, ipad Review

On November 22, 2011

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Disney World Wait Times, Hours, Maps and Dining by Apptasmic.com for iphone, ipad Review

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By: Disney Map Apps LLC

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So you have packed up your family and your are in Orlando for a few weeks of magical fun at Walt Disney World Resorts. There are so many rides and so much to doit can be very overwhelming. If only there was an app that would serve as a guide to the park and give you an eagle-eye view of where to go. It might also be nice if you could plan our day around busier rides so you don’t spend so much time waiting in line.

Disney World Wait Times is a guide book with dynamic status on the wait times of the various rides at Walk Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios Orlando, as well as many of their other auxiliary attractions. You simply choose a ride or show, and it will give you an estimate of the wait time as well as a brief description of the ride and what to expect. you can also see if the ride has fast track for mapping out you day ahead of time. Unfortunately the mapping must be done elsewhere since Disney Wait Time’s map only lets you see where the attractions are in the park. It would be great if they offered a way to chart out your day based on wait times, fast track, etc. so you could just follow your game plan and minimize standing in line. Be that as it may, you still get a good look as your browse through the list of what attractions are swamped, and which ones are not.

Besides keeping you abreast of wait times, you are also given ride time, age, and distance from there you are. Once you have had your fill of the rides, you can use Disney Wait Time you find a restaurant in the park and it even gives you estimated waits on those. Once you have found the restaurant, you can tap the phone number to get a reservation. I wish there was an easy way to get reviews on the restaurants, either through links to another service like Yelp, or from within the app itself. The guide does have estimated costs for each so you can budget accordingly.

Disney Wait Time has a favorites tab where you can list the rides you want to keep a look at the most. You can also post to Facebook about any attraction to keep your friends back home jealous. The final tab should really be the first since it takes you to a website where you can order ticket packages for the places you find on Disney Wait Time. I think there is a lot of value to be had in apps like this with the dynamic information, but I do find myself wishing there was more to keep me using the app. It seems well suited as a guide book app, but lacks some of the planning features that would make this all inclusive. I would still recommend this app if you plan on spending some time at all of these locations. Apptasmic is also working on apps for other Disney locations such as California, Paris, and Tokyo, as well as Universal Studios in California. Why wait in line? Download Disney Wait Times for $3.99 on the app store.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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