Display Recorder for iPhone and iPad – Review

On June 21, 2012

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Display Recorder for iPhone and iPad – Review

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By: BUGUN Software Co., Ltd

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2012-06-15

Developer: BUGUN Software Co., Ltd

Price: 1.99

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Ever have one of those days when you wish you could record what was happening on your iPhone or iPad screen and play it back for someone else?  Well, now there’s an app for that.

Display Recorder records whatever happens on the monitor for your iPhone or iPad and saves it to a local library in mp4 format.  It also records whatever you’re saying into the microphone with it.  Videos can also be shared on YouTube, put in the Photo Library or opened with other apps (like one of those video-editing apps).  In the settings, you can control whether you record audio, video or both as well as picture and sound quality.  Unless specified, there is no limit to the length of video you can create.

Simply put, this app is a marvel.  It’s particularly useful if you want to make your own iPhone or iPad app and create video instruction to go with it (which can be put online or integrated with the app).  Recordings are small in size and the sound and video is crisp and clear.

If I were to have a compliant, it’s a minor one.  I wish the app could simulcast on FaceTime so you can show someone what’s happening on your screen in real time.  It’s only one step away from remoting into someone else’s iPhone or iPad to assist them.  Great for tech support!

If you’re looking to make any sort of iPhone or iPad instructional video, look no further than Display Recorder.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Quite possibly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Those wishing to make iPad or iPhone instructional videos.

What I Like:Good functionality. Easy-to-use interface.

What I Don't Like:Would be nice if integrated with FaceTime.

Final Statement:It does what it says on the tin and then some.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Current version has bug with some Region Format, in that case, Display Recorder cannot record video. If you cannot record video, please change your Region Format to United States Region Format.

Please do the following steps to change Region Format:
Step1: Launch Settings app of your iPhone/iPod/iPad.
Step 2: Choose General >> International.
Step 3: Change Region Format to United States.
After changing the Region Format, your Display Recorder should work fine.

We've fixed this bug and waiting for review. Thank you for your patient!


Display Recorder records your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad screen in real time. You can now easily record what’s going on on your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad screen.

List of features available on DisplayRecorder:

1. Records directly to high quality H264 mp4.
2. Records both video & audio.
3. On-device YouTube uploading.
4. Adjustable video orientation & quality settings.
5. Adjustable audio quality settings.
6. Export recorded video to Photo Library.
7. Hardware accelerated video encoding.

Display Recorder uses little resources, you’re not limited in the video length, and it is generally much more stable. The app also allows you to export your videos directly to YouTube.


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