Dubble for iPad Review

On December 16, 2010

App Type: iPad

Dubble for iPad Review

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By: Rodo-Intelligent-Computing

Version #: 1.6.1

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Some games are more addictive to others. Known candidates for staying up into the early hours and forgetting every thing around you are, for instance, Tower Defense games and so called Bubble shooters. Dubble is a bubble shooter and it’s, in the tradition of the sub genre, a very addictive one. In the good spirit of games like Dynomite (a browser based game), the goal of the game is to prevent the bubbles (or balloons or eggs or whatever the inventive minds conjured up) from dropping under the allowed border. To make sure that doesn’t happen you, you shoot bubbles of a color against 2 or more of the same color. Then they pop thus preventing them to drop any further.

This premise sounds simple, and to people who know these kinds of games, very compelling. Dubble doesn’t disappoint; there are different skill levels to pick from. You can play against the clock, play a puzzle version, which means you actually need to balance your speed with clever shooting. And then you have the so-called Zen level which you can play for a very long time, just upping your high score against your friends. The game starts out simple, but especially if you are a naive player, you’ll soon end up with a game over. You have to be quick and strategical at the same time, especially in the puzzle version, which we liked the best for one player. There are several bonuses built in; for instance, you can bounce balls off each other bringing down a cascade of explosions. Then, once you get better, you can do series of pops; the more you pop in a combo, the more points you’ll get for popping.

One of the great features of this version is the two player game. This game you actually play with two people on the same iPad. The principle is more or less the same; you want to prevent the bubble with the bomb to fall below your side and your opponent tries to do the same on her side of the iPad. This is great for a lot of simple fun. You can make it as difficult as you want though; if you get into strategic playing in the two player version, you’ll beat the naive opponent, forcing her into playing strategic as well.

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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