Dungeon Village Android Apk Download

On March 14, 2012

Dungeon VillageDungeon Village Android Apk – Dungeon Village is one of the hottest new paid android RPG games available right now. Created by the developer Kairosoft who have a franchise various other “Story” titles such as Mega Mall Story, Epic Astro Story, World Cruise Story, Pocket League Story, Grand Prix Story, Hot Springs Story and finally, Game Dev Story.

Dungeon Village is a brand new, recently released game. But in a very short amount of time it has already become massively popular with an average rating of 4.8 stars, on the android marketplace.

Dungeon Village is something different, apart from not being part of the “Story” franchise, this game is slightly odd and not exactly your average RPG, the idea of this game is to build a village and then advance this village to attract lots of adventurers, who will then explore the area surrounding your village. You will start with the most basic necessities enough to attract a couple of adventurers. As they spend money in your village, maybe at a shop or stay at your inn and resting your treasury will grow, this allows you to build bigger and better things and also allows you to reward your heroes, and possibly turn them into full time residents. As time the village will expand and keeping the village running and making money will be harder to manage, and your adventurers quests will be getting harder.

It’s really addictive, aside from it’s old school graphics it’s actually a great game and defiantly worth buying.

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