EagleEyes-plus: Access Ten IP Addresses And Maintain True Security

On October 20, 2010

App Type: iPhone

EagleEyes-plus: Access Ten IP Addresses And Maintain True Security

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If you are a client of the AVTECH Corporation, you already know the many different surveillance options available to you, and now the EagleEyes-plus app lets you take all of them with you wherever you go.

The EagleEyes-plus app allows the individual to create up to ten different IP addresses to access at any time of day. The user can choose to receive real time live video streams through their AVTECH products, or they can also select the Time Search mode that allows them to specifically view the event list or time range for any video data as well. The app supports single or multiple DVR monitor switching, will function in the TCP-IP protocol, works with a large array of video types, and even has options for Push Notifications of events. The interface uses single touch controls for most functions including the switch channel and PTZ Hotpoint controls. There are options for zooming in and out and panning in the screen as well.

While there are a few video surveillance clients, the EagleEyes-plus app is a true exclusive for those using AVTECH components for their video surveillance systems.

This app works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for the app is $4.99 and all updates will be made available at no additional charge.

When you need to remain in touch with your video surveillance networks from the road or while away from the office, the EagleEyes-plus app is an ideal solution to add to your mobile device.

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