Earth Flags HD for iPad Review

On March 3, 2011

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Earth Flags HD for iPad Review

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Back in my high school we had this big old dusty map of the world, circa 1970. Obviously, fifty years down the road a lot of countries, especially in Eastern Europe, have changed beyond all recognition. Kosovo wasn’t even a country back then, and Germany still had two parts! Wouldn’t it have been cool if you could’ve simply updated that map? Well, in a way, you can now, as with Earth Flags HD you’ve got the whole world in your hands!

What’s the capital of Bermuda? Did you know they speak Portuguese in Angola? And that on Tonga they pay with Pa’angas? Earth Flag gives you more than just the flags, it also provides info on the capital and the country as a whole. The newer version has a renovated interface with additional maps such as satellite, hybrid and standard maps, which look great. You can even play the national anthem! Hum along with Turkey or Belgium. I think ‘Guess the anthem’ could easily make a fun (bar) game. Earth Flags also provides useful info such as a country’s currency, language, internet TLD and telephone access code.

In today’s ever changing world (who knows what will happen to Lybia or Myanmar in the long run?) this is a great app, that’ll keep you up to date. Pretty neat, if you want to look up what the capital of Lybia or Angola is while watching the news! Great if you have kids, but I know there are loads of people (mostly guys) who will simply love this app as well.
Oh, and the capital of Bermuda? It’s Hamilton!

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