EasyCoach! for Android, iPhone – Review

On July 18, 2012

App Type: Android, iPhone

EasyCoach! for Android, iPhone – Review

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EasyCoach is an app that’s targeted toward, as its name suggests, coaches. As well, it’s an app that, as its name suggests, is easy-to-use. Simply put, EasyCoach is an easy-to-use app for coaches. But what exactly does it do?

EasyCoach is a boon for coaches, particularly those in charge of sport teams. It enables them to conveniently keep track of team attendance, view pertinent statistics, and facilitate team-wide communication. And it does all of these and then some using a clean, pleasant, and straightforward interface.

One of the nice touches in EasyCoach is the use of a right-pointing arrowhead for its sort of “done” button. I think this graphical choice is quite fitting, as it signifies the forward movement of a team whose members are properly led by a competent coach. Indeed, EasyCoach can help you, as a coach, in boosting your competence with the aid of the data and tools it provides.

Upon creating a new account or logging in with an existing one, EasyCoach gives you access to its formidable “team,” so to speak, of features.¬†EasyCoach lets you specify team participants, including their names, contact details, and even parental information for younger athletes. You can then record the team’s attendance or tardiness for every new training session. You can also view the statistical report, including the percentage of attendance with a corresponding pie chart, based on each training session.

The app is free to download from the iOS App Store or Google Play. But in order to take advantage of its full functionality, you may purchase the EasyCoach pro module in-app for $4.99. The pro module lets you add multiple teams, share teams, export data, and experience hassle-free session registration.

Another feature that’s accessible through the pro module is the app’s unique ability to send text messages and emails to any one or all members of a team, or to any parent or all parents concerned. This effectively bypasses the need to separately notify team members, making your coaching job a little less tiring.

If you’re a coach who happens to own an iPhone or Android smartphone, you definitely have to try EasyCoach. Sure, the app appears to exhibit a few UI hiccups, but they’re very much negligible as you harness its full potential as well as your team’s.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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