Eggy – Review

On December 22, 2008

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Eggy – Review

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By: Eggy

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-22


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Eggy is just an egg timer but it’s a really well-done egg timer. It’s also an egg timer that doesn’t take itself all too seriously. The application gives you four different backgrounds from which you can choose. There is "day", "night", "Pompeii", and "still life". All show the exact same thing and a cup but have a different background. If you tap the small "I" in the lower left-hand side of the screen you get more egg trivia, quotations, and depictions than you’ll ever want in 12 lifetimes. (Who would have known that offer Hitchcock was "space" — afraid of eggs. He apparently once said "I’m frightened of eggs come out worse than frightened, there will be." I guess that explains the movie The Birds.)

But all this jovial edginess aside, an egg timer is only as good as its ability to time eggs (or whatever else you want to time). Fortunately it’s quite easy to use. Tap the left-hand side next to the word "min" and then put the number of minutes you want. The right-hand side next to the word "sec" and input the number of seconds you want. Tapped the egg cup and it begins to quiver and shake (annoyingly so). When the timer has counted down to zero that chicken on the egg cup changes position and starts to make this sound that chickens make. And if, however, for any reason you want to stop the timer before it reaches zero (why you would want to stop a perfectly good egg timer countdown is beyond me) you can simply tap the egg to pause it. (And be careful to tap the egg because tapping the egg cup doesn’t do what you need to get done.

Here’s the bottom line — the iPhone comes with a clock that works quite well. Includes a world clock, an alarm clock a stopwatch and shockingly — a countdown timer. In fact, the iTunes built in countdown timer allows you to use any of this sounds built into the iPhone — and there are many. (No, it doesn’t have a chicken doing the chicken thing, but it does have crickets and ducks and a xylophone and a Harp and an old car horn.) As result, you don’t really need this application. But if you want an egg timer that looks like an egg timer this is an excellent choice.

Quick Take

Value: High if you want an egg timer that looks like an egg timer
Would I Buy Again: I’m not really into egg timers so — no
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: People who want an egg timer that looks like an egg timer
What I like: Does exactly what it needs to do and doesn’t take itself too seriously while it’s doing it
What I Don’t: There’s nothing I don’t like about it — I just don’t need it.

Final Statement: It is as well executed, humorous, and works well. I certainly can’t pan it but it’s not an application that I would need.

Read the Developer's Notes:
An innovative contribution to ovum boiling technology.

Extensive research has revealed that one of the major problems in egg timing is the fact that most people are not near the saucepan when the time elapses; a situation which often results in the egg remaining in the boiling liquid for up to thirty seconds longer than the desired time. For this reason, the developers have provided an adjustable pre-warning signal that can be set to warn users that they should find a spoon and approach the cooking area.

Enter the required time and warning (the default settings are three minutes for the cooking time and ten seconds for the warning).

Tap the egg to start the counter. The egg will vibrate, simulating the motion in the saucepan.

At the warning time, a loud whistle will indicate that the user should find a spoon and prepare for action.

When the time to remove the eggs has finally been reached, the rooster on the egg cup will animate and crow.

Whilst the timer is running, examples of the significance of the egg in History, Philosophy and Art can be accessed by pressing the Info button. The warning signal and cock crow will remain audible, even if you are engrossed in an account of the Philosopher’s Egg.

Warning and timer settings are stored everytime they are changed. Consequently, once you have arrived at the ideal combination, you will never have to enter the information again.
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