Emanata Comics Review – Awesome! It’s full of indie comics!

On December 24, 2012

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Emanata Comics Review – Awesome! It’s full of indie comics!

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By: Emanata, Inc.

Version #: 2.1.2

Date Released: 2012-10-11

Developer: EMANATA, INC.

Price: Free

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Freakin’ Love Emanata Comics! I didn’t grow up reading comics as they appear in the US. Here in Spain we had a venerable tradition of having just a few humour based comics, published in low quality paper. Of course, I loved them (hey, if you are Spanish I bet you know Mortadelo & Filemón, don’t you?) Then I grew up, found the internet. Didn’t find comics very appealing, but a geek as I am I got hooked to reading PhD Comics, SMBC and a few others that made me laugh, think or both.

Finding good quality is very hard. And by good quality I don’t mean awesome drawings: I enjoy XKCD a lot, and they are just f***ing stick figures. I picked up Emanata Comics to review, and was gladly (very) impressed. This is not an app to purchase your latest avengers. It is more of a marketplace for indie writers & drawers: the real deal. There’s a huge offering of comics, a lot are free, too. Anyway, if you purchase a comic from within the app, most of the money goes to the writer and just a little to the developers (hey, they need to be fed, too.) But enough side details. Let’s get to the review.

Emanata Comics is a beautiful app. You are greeted with a catalog where you can find all the offerings, in glorious side view. Tap a title and read a beautifully rendered description, details and an option to follow the artist or visit their homepage. Tap the comic and you can start reading right away: if it is not free you’ll get just a few pages. If it is free, you’ll get it in full.

From within a comic you can swipe to move forward and backward (as expected, works very smoothly) and tap to bring up the menu. You can also pinch to zoom some interesting drawn tidbit. As I have said before, the app is very well executed: you don’t need to overthink to find what you want. Which is a great thing for an iPad app.

Finally, if you are an artist and want your comic in Emanata Comics, don’t be shy and drop them an email in to [email protected]

In short: Emanata Comics is an awesome indie store for comics. Download it now.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:It's free, absolutely

Learning Curve:Very low

Who Is It For:Anyone

What I Like:It's awesome!

What I Don't Like:Nothing!

Final Statement:A great app to find and follow indie comics

Read the Developer's Notes:
Discover and support Indie Comic Books with the free Emanata App for the iPad and the iPhone.

- One of the top picks by WIRED Magazine 2012 App Guide Comics Reader category
- Optimized comic reader for the retina screens (iPad 3/4, iPhone 4/4s/5)
- Unique and original creator owned stories
- Find all kinds of new comics and storytellers which can't be found in mainstream comic book apps such as Comixology or Comics Plus

What people are saying:

“The app’s layout is perfect for the iPad’s large screen, taking full advantage of every pixel available. As soon as you open the app you’re introduced to loads of books, all scrolling along a virtual comic strip. It looks absolutely wonderful.” - MTV Geek!

“Designed as a storefront and reader especially for independent artists, readers can discover new comics and stories they would have otherwise missed out on. “ - EGM.com

"The App is one of the first readers designed entirely to promote, showcase and support independent comic books, giving creators a dedicated platform to aid them in getting their work into circulation.” - ComicBookDaily.com

"It’s a smart package and one that extends the variety of comic books available through the iPad immensely.” -148Apps

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