eMees Avatar Creator – Review

On April 11, 2009

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eMees Avatar Creator – Review

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By: eMees Avatar Creator

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2009-01-22

Developer: Jordan Wan

Price: 2.99

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This is an interesting app altogether. If you have an xBox or Wii, you’ll definitely be right at home. Essentially, it’s an avatar creator which allows you to add/create/modify faces.  Create someone you know, create someone you don’t know, whatever, it will give you all the different facial “items” such as mustaches, eyebrows, hair, color, etc. etc. to complete your masterpiece.

Look and Feel
For starters, this is a well design application. The workflow of getting a face completed is well thought out and it flows very smoothly without having to figure out how to do something or having to backtrack several steps to accomplish another.

It’s clean and professionally polished to make it worth the cost.

So what can it do? Hmm….it can create avatars! I think the question that begs me to question is what can it do for you or me? What is the purpose of this application that makes it worthy of my hard earned cash?

Seriously, we all buy applications from the Appstore with the notion of the application to bring us some joy, to alleviate and help complete tasks or provide us further information of anything and everything, all in the palm of our hands.

eMees? So does it fall in any of the mentioned categories above? Unfortunately, it’s a toy. A very very fun one at that… but before you disregard this application, give me a few more minutes to explain.

There is a use for this application. Something that I have overlooked in the past but now have at least a dozen faces created using eMees to fill the gap from people dodging pictures. Yes, you can use this to create an image of a person for your contacts!

It’s hilarious and definitely created lots of conversations when they see what I think is a good depictions of what they look like.

The application is versatile in that you can literally create every person you see out there. There is no lack of “features” that you can’t create someone with…

It’s fun, it’s hilarious and worth the enjoyment that it has given me, including, filling the missing contact pictures I so longed for…


Quick Take:
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Medium
Who is it for: For people who wants to get a laugh.
What I like: Easy learning curve, well designed application.
What I Don’t: I wished there were more uses to this. Unfortunately, the nature of the application…well, you can’t do anything about that.
Final Statement:
Overall, I would buy it again, it’s well designed, well thought out and gets the job done. It’s a fun toy, it will fill the gaps within my contacts who doesn’t have pictures and well, that’s all she wrote…

Developer Update: The developer had contacted me regarding this post and informed me of another use for this application. Another oversight of mine which I found another use for it.

Ever heard of Gravars? I haven’t so I’ll include this wikipedia link (Gravatars). Basically, you can export these images through iTunes and use these eMees on Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging on MSN, AOL, etc. and other apps.

Thanks for the headsup!


Read the Developer's Notes:
Use eMees Avatar Creator to design and edit avatars of your friends and family.Browse the parts library with over 160 items to choose from. Fine-tune with scale, move, rotation, distance and color tools to further perfect your creation.Assign eMee Avatars to your contacts on your iPhone or iPod Touch directly from the app. The next time you receive a call on your iPhone from someone their eMee will be displayed on the Caller ID screen!eMees can also be saved to your Camera Roll for sharing by email or for showing them to your friends.Use iTunes to synch your saved eMees to your computer for sharing on Facebook or for using them as personal avatars in popular Instant Messenger apps like iChat, Google Talk, AIM or Windows Live Messenger.Place your eMees in themed scenes with Pose Mode. New poses will be added for upcoming events and holidays.We will be adding even more artwork in the future and this will be provided as a free upgrade to everyone that buys this version!*Note eMees is also compatible with iPod Touch devices but the Caller ID display feature is only available for the iPhone.
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