Epica – Epic camera and photo editor with funny poses for taking cool pictures

On June 5, 2014

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Epica – Epic camera and photo editor with funny poses for taking cool pictures

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By: Wanman

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Four score and seven years ago…

Okay, let’s start again. We all have our arsenal of photo editing apps. From behemoths that rival desktop applications to neat, little tools that enhance images on a whim. Epica is neither of these. Incredibly full-featured, but so simple my nephew can play with it, it’s really an epic photo retouching app.

What does Epica do? Well, Epica is currently free so nothing prevents you from giving it a fast try. Come on, I’ll wait. Go get it. NOW. Done? Well, to showcase its abilities I downloaded a fine portrait of Abraham Lincoln from Wikipedia, you can see it below in its original glory.



Totally unexpected, Lincoln was quite Cthulhu-esque itself, don’t you think?

Epica (1)

And of course, if he were a zombie he’d probably run for zombie president and be asked lots of zombie questions.



Truly impressive. These neat images just took me 30 seconds, counting time to transfer the images from iDevice to Mac (Epica is currently an iPhone app, but works perfect in 2x on iPads, no reason why you should not pick it if you have an iPad.) What’s exactly the magic behind Epica? The secret sauce to make editing a breeze are the outlines that help you place and scale effects. Below you can see the overlay silhouette for Medusa’s hair, with the helper head lines (these don’t show in the final image). You can rotate and scale freely.


With Epica you can edit images, adding cool and funny effects. Like you can see above, you can tweak portraits. You can also add effects to full-body pictures and then add color filters, like above. For the Lincoln picture I have used black-and-white for the octopus beard and the classic “Obama effect” for the press conference.

It’s hard to explain in writing how good Epica is. If an image is worth more than a thousand words, here above you have a couple images, worth their fair share.

Since Epica is currently free, we can only recommend you download it, play for a while and then have fun getting some of their extra effect packages, which are available as IAPs. The free version includes 10 monster effects (like medusa or octopus beard,) 10 fantasy effects (like inside bubble, or sitting in the clouds,) 10 art effects (where you can act like the Mona Lisa, or Munch’s The Scream) and 10 fun effects (like the press conference one.)

There are many more packs available as in-app purchases, but with the base ones you get a very good overview of how the app works and can decide if you want to purchase some more. You’ll do, we are sure.

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Would I Buy Again:Yeah

Learning Curve:Zero

Who Is It For:Anyone, this is a great app for any iPhone user

What I Like:Anyone, this is a great app for anyone

What I Don't Like:Very polished and easy to use

Final Statement:A native version for iPad would be neat, but it works really well

Read the Developer's Notes:
Top 10 in 20 countries?
Over 1,000,000 global users, the most funny app in the world?


· It's all about one thing… taking cool and funny photos.

· Look cooler than any of your friends, grab your camera and become the Hero, the Villain, the Monster, become everything you have ever wanted with Epica.

· Include: Monster, Fantasy, Fun, Holiday, Magic, Beard, Animal, Travel, Wings, Demon, Headdress...

· You won't believe how amazing this camera app is until you download and use it!

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