EPOCH for iphone, ipad Review

On December 9, 2011

App Type: iPhone

EPOCH for iphone, ipad Review

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By: Uppercut Games Pty Limited

Version #: 1.0.1

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Developer: By Uppercut Games Pty Ltd

Price: $5.99

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When Chair released the groundbreaking Infinity Blade on the app store it set the bar for high quality iOS mobile gaming. Even more spectacular than the release of the game, was the release of the Unreal engine that powered it. This game engine, which has powered some amazing PC games, offered iOS developers a chance to really step up what an iOS game could accomplish in terms of graphics and gameplay. So it comes at no surprise that there has much fanfare over the release of Epoch which is another game based on the same Unreal engine. Can Epoch advance from where Infinity Blade left off, or will it fall flat in raising the bar?

Epoch is a polar opposite in terms of theme compared to Infinity Blade. Where IB took place in a fantasy world of Orcs and Castles, Epoch is a post-apocalyptic worlds of debris and shelled out buildings. A world ravaged by a war that you are thrown into without much to understand why. You know you were charged with protecting someone, but where they are and what has transpired to bring all this destruction is story that is pieced together, as you play, from transcripts, and intercepted communications you get through the game.

There isn’t much in the way of humans in the world of Epoch, there is instead an endless stream of robots that want to turn you into a pile of smoking scrap. Luckily, you are not defenseless as you always seem to face them with several bits of debris to hide behind and an ever growing list of weapons to purchase and upgrade. The inventory is very reminiscent of Infinity Blade, though it lacks the experience leveling that IB had. Here you level up based of how you performed on each level. This also determined how much money your make. Don’t worry about having enough though as you can always replay a level to make more money and experience.

The levels are a series of battles where you swipe to change positions avoiding your enemies’ fire while you bring on the hurt with your own munitions. There is some strategy involved in choosing who to take out first to keep from being overwhelmed, and you much be mindful of incoming artillery even when you are in a relatively secure position. The swipe controls works very well for the devices touch screen and shows that developers are really rethinking control schemes to take advantage of the lack of tactile buttons. I do wish there had been save slots in Epoch since as it stands there isn’t any way for two people to share a device, but otherwise I would say Epoch has hit another home run for the Unreal mobile Engine. If you found yourself playing Infinity Blade for house upon end then it is a no-brainer to pick up Epoch. If you are new to the iOS I can’t think of a better title to get your feet wet with a high quality title like Epoch.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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