everDOCs for ipad, iphone Review

On January 16, 2012

App Type: iPhone

everDOCs for ipad, iphone Review

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By: Helix Business-Soft AG

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Access is a word we here a lot when discussing mobile devices. We want access to the things we have on our desktops. Whether it is photos, or music, our iOS device just isn’t good enough if we have to leave behind the files we are use to having at our fingertips. Everdocs understands this and has a solution that doesn’t involve uploading your files to remote servers where they could be accessed by who know who. Everdocs is billed as your personal cloud, and is especially vocal about its iOS support.

The Everdocs app for iOS isn’t much more than a viewer for the bridge server. The Everdocs bridge is software that sits on your desktop or server back at the home or at the office and serves up those files to any user you authorize. They server is easy to use and the companies site has good tutorials for setting up networks to allow outside access. The toughest part of the set up is putting in your SMTP settings for sending mail. This is optional, but without it you have no way to share the files out to others.

Once the server is running and you have a user account set up. You can share folders on your computer that you want to have access to when you are on the go. The server then gives you a bridge key that you will use to access the server from your iPhone. The use of the key allows the Everdocs server to track your home computer’s IP so that the iOS device can make access when you start the app. The iOS client saves recently used bridge keys and the server app lets you name and customize the server with an icon for easy organization later.

The Everdocs app only allows viewing of PDFs by default. There is an IAP for Word, Excel, etc docs. Once you have the purchase you will be able to view a myriad of file formats and then email formats from any contacts on your iOS device. The email isn’t actually sent from your iOS device but it is transferred to the server where it is sent from using your SMTP settings. This has some advantages and disadvantages. If you do a lot of workflow from the shared folders and you want reduce the amount of data being transferred from your iOS device, then Everdocs’ method moves the heavy lifting to your desktop. On the other hand any correspondence in the email will not be saved to discussions you may be having via email since the email is sent from a separate mail client. It would have been nice to have more options for sharing files that just a server-side email. There is also no way to save files from Everdocs for offline viewing. a viable option, but I wish there was more consideration for how to share files. If you are looking for your personal cloud, float on over to the App Store and pick up Everdocs.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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