Fabulous Christmas Greetings – Review

On December 25, 2008

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Fabulous Christmas Greetings – Review

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By: Fabulous Christmas Greetings

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-12-25


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The first time I sent a real greeting card was almost ten years ago when I was a high school freshman crushing on my gorgeous seatmate. Suffice it to say I never sent a greeting card ever again after that. It should come as no surprise then that for the most part I’m not one to scour the App Store for a good greeting card app. But since this Christmas is the first I’ll be spending with my beloved iPhone, I decided to set the bitterness of unrequited puppy love aside to make way for some holiday cheer and a review of a Christmas card app.

Quick question: What do you call an app that lets you make fabulous Christmas greeting cards? Answer: Er, I don’t know, let’s just go with Fabulous Christmas Greetings! To be sure, the developer got the name right. And coming from a non-greeting card fan, that’s saying something.

Fabulous X (the app’s nickname on the springboard) basically lets you pick a picture of yourself, your friend, your pet, anybody, from your photo library or take a new one using the iPhone’s camera and decorate it with hats, glasses, beards and frames like you would a Chritmas tree with balls, angels, lights and stars. Easy as fruitcake.

At the bottom of the screen you have five icons: a camera, a Santa hat, a notepad, a curved arrow, and a trash can. Tap the camera to start editing a picture from your library or to take a new one. The Santa hat is the fun part; it opens a shelf lined with 24 mostly Santa- and winter-inspired hats, 20 hip glasses, 14 stylish beards, and 11 holiday picture frames. Move them, resize them, go crazy with them. The notepad lets you customize the text greeting according to your font and color preferences. The arrow exports your work to your photo library. The trash can lets you remove items from your card.

My girlfriend (I’ve actually got one, no thanks to Hallmark) was not so happy when I took a quick photo of her at the mall and started dressing her up. But as soon as I showed her her Santa alter-ego, she was beside herself with laughter. I then set out to adorn a photo of us together; I’ll be Santa this time, she a cowgirl. But alas, the app does not favor odd couples, or any couple for that matter. It turns out the app is limited to just one set of adornments. Perhaps Santa and Cowgirl will get their chance next year?

Quick Take
Value: High, because it’s Christmas.
Would I Buy Again: Next year.
Learning Curve: Very Low
Who is it for: Want to dress yourself or your friends up as Santa sporting a crazy beard? Look no further
What I Like: A wide selection of accessories and ease of use.
What I Don’t: You can’t have two or more of the same accessory.

Final Statement: Fabulous Christmas Greetings lives up to its name by being an easy-to-use, loads-of-fun Christmas card app.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Have you ever felt like playing at Santa Claus but finally dropped the idea because you got entangled in his beard? Fabulous Christmas Greetings, the Christmas Cards'Wonder, makes your dream come true. Send fabulously funny Christmas Greetings to your friends and beloved, dressed up properly like the real Santa in hats, caps, beards, glasses and lots of other items.

Pick from a huge range of Santa accessories to disguise your photo individually, freely and originally. Enjoy this special winter wonder thrill! Features:- Take a photo with your iPhone or choose one from your photo album- You can easily enlarge your photo, make it smaller or push it around on the screen - whatever you feel like.- Pick amongst the wide range of Santa accessories from the cupboard. Your can change their size, push and turn them around.- Enhance your photo with your individual greetings in your favorite size and colour.- "Special effects" : you can choose from many different print types, choose the colour of your ink, or give your whole message a certain "glow" .- Export your Fabulous Christmas Card to your photo album to mail it off swiftly.
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