Facebook Camera – Review – Instagram meets Facebook

On June 12, 2012

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Facebook Camera – Review – Instagram meets Facebook

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By: Facebook, Inc.

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-05-24

Developer: Facebook, Inc.

Price: Free

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An Instagram-styled app, Facebook Camera behaves just like Instagram would except users are linked via their Facebook profiles. As a result, users can only view images uploaded by their friends through Facebook Camera. This means excessively irritating posts such as whiny status updates or links are filtered out and users can focus on the pictorial escapades of their friends.

The main purpose of Facebook Camera is to well, upload photos onto Facebook. However, one clear advantage Facebook Camera has over the main Facebook app is that users can upload photos in batches through the app. I found this feature particularly handy, as the added convenience saves a lot of trouble when it comes to uploading a day out’s worth of pictures.

As per Instagram, Facebook Camera allows users to take faux professional shots with their iDevice’s camera through the use of filters provided by the app. These filters can turn a seemingly normal shot into a breathtaking piece of artwork.

The classic Like button as well as geo-tagging and facial tagging features are all present in this app.

A downside or perhaps upside depending on how you look at it, to Facebook Camera would be that users have to toggle between the original Facebook app if they wish to view status updates and whatnot. However, this should not really bother you much as the objective of Facebook Camera was to focus on images only in the first place.

A free app, Facebook Camera is recommended for download. While there already exists an official Facebook app, Facebook Camera complements it by targeting the photographic niche group of users.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Simple.

Who Is It For:People who love taking photos.

What I Like:The simplicity of use, and batch uploading function.

What I Don't Like:Cannot access other user feeds.

Final Statement:Smile for the camera!

Read the Developer's Notes:
With Facebook Camera, you can share photos on Facebook faster than ever, and see what friends are up to in a feed of nothing but their photos.

–Post a bunch of photos at once
–See friends’ latest photos in one place
–Play with crops and filters
–Tag friends, add captions and say where you are
–See photos from different apps

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