Fantasy Defense – Review – An awesome tower defense for all ages

On December 7, 2011

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Fantasy Defense – Review – An awesome tower defense for all ages

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By: Play Bean

Version #: 1.1.0

Date Released: 2011-12-01

Developer: Play Bean

Price: 0.99

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One of my most favorite types of games on the iPhone has to be tower defense games. Something about defending my tower from the enemies just seems so alluring, so when I saw Fantasy Defense, I was very excited to review it. This game takes the timeless classic and remakes it with a few twists.

When I first launched Fantasy Defense, I immediately noticed the great graphics. The backgrounds for each level were interesting. Also, the characters were cool looking as well. Each character seemed as if it were from an RPG game and had a great detailed picture pop up when you clicked on them. It would have been nice if these details were carried out in the icons that were clicked to purchase the characters, but that is a small point that does not really matter.

Fantasy Defense features 50 levels, each getting progressively harder. I liked how you were presented with the exact amount and type of enemy before each round, so you would be prepared for what is coming. Another nice feature was the automatic pausing of the wave when you were upgrading your characters. In most other games, the enemies continue to zoom past as you franticly try to upgrade so being able to take the time to upgrade was a nice addition.

My favorite “extra” in Fantasy Defense was the random items scattered across the playing field. In each level, you could find boxes and crystals. Breaking these objects would give you more mana, money, or space. You can destroy these objects by building characters nearby and targeting the object. It’s ok, the character automatically goes back to shooting enemies when they reach the character’s shooting range.

Another great feature were special powers. These can be unlocked by advancing through the stages and give your characters advantages to help you win. This is a nice way to reward players for beating levels.

Fantasy Defense has cool graphics, an interesting twist, and challenging levels. If you’re looking for a new game that won’t break the bank, check out Fantasy Defense.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes!

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Any person looking for an interesting and challenging tower defense game.

What I Like:Graphics, levels, "extras".

What I Don't Like:Only two upgrade tiers.

Final Statement:Tower Defense is a fun game that combines aspects from the traditional tower defense game with new ideas.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Fantasy Defense has an opening for a hero—you. Classic tower defense play meets innovative new hero classes and fuses with RPG elements to create a completely unique gaming experience.
Three heroes destined for glory, flanked by loyal fighters and skilled mages face off against their foes. More than might will determine the outcome of this war. Use your resources wisely to acquire armor and skills to defend against and eventually devastate your enemies.

Bring order to chaos in the forest of darkness, fiery volcano, devil's dungeon, infinite wilderness and the infamous swamp of desire!

Hours of game play are guaranteed! Each of the five environments offers ten challenging stages to conquer.

Control your ultimate heroes and 12 mythical units in this new RPG style tower defense game!

Improve your heroes by earning upgrades to enhance their performance and attain ultimate strength.

Twenty-four items and counting improve your heroes and increase the power of your army

3 modes of play let you experience Fantasy Defenders the way you want to, when you want to!


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