Feathergears for iphone, ipad Review

On November 19, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Feathergears for iphone, ipad Review

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By: WitchHut LLC

Version #: 1.1

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Developer: By WitchHut LLC

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There are some themes that developers seem to return to time and again when looking for a style direction for their game. There are the zombies, ninjas, space themes, but one that has gotten a lot of love lately is the steam punk theme. Feather Gears is a port by WitchHut of the flash title that certainly helps itself a strong helping of steam punk for this side-scrolling flying game. The flash version has gotten good reviews over time, so will the iOS version be able to soar like an eagle?

For those that are not aware of the steam punk trend I will summarize. Image victorian era materials being used as futuristic sci-fi building blocks. Lasers with vacuum tubes, spaceships with steam engines, etc. With that out of the way, Feather Gears is a side scroller game where you must try and escape the city of Spring Steel using your mechanical flying apparatus. You have a limited energy so you must be careful how often you flap your wings or you will run out. To make matters worse, the way out os littered with robots and other debris that will drain your energy if you crash into them. You do have three boosts that will send you flying through the air. but once they are gone you will quickly fall toward the earth.

You aren’t completely on your own with your escape. There are plenty of power-ups to help you on your way. Shields will keep you from losing energy when crashing into objects. Beakers will add energy and lightening bolts give you a free boost immediately. Another way you can extend your flight is by using the lift from the various objects in the sky. There are fans and other boosters that will send you on your way with a bit of extra lift. It is quite challenging to see when they are coming especially when you are moving quickly. When falling fast I would regularly crash right through fans instead of getting any lift.

The game comes with three characters, two of which are unlock-able IAPs for $.99. The main character is well balanced while the others are weighted toward boost speed or gliding ability. You must fly 3000 meters to reach to escape the town, and I found this task very difficult. This game does not give you any mercy when it comes to winning, but that means it is that much more satisfying once you make it. Once you have the game mastered there are a myriad of achievements to unlock that give you more challenges to face. The gameplay is quite simple and I think this is the sort of game that you will either love or hate. The good news is that it is free to play so if you want a new casual game to try and recommend giving Feather Gears a go and see if it turns your crank.

We give this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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