"Fetching iPad baseband files" on redsn0w

On April 8, 2011

iPhone 3GS Users whose trying to upgrade their baseband to iPad baseband (baseband 06.15.00 version) using redsn0w will see this screen as the process of redsn0w upgrading the iPhone baseband to iPad baseband version.

redsn0w fetching iPad baseband files

Please wait while your device is being processed.

Fetching iPad baseband files (please be patient)…

How long is fetching iPad baseband files will take? Why is this process too long? Am I stuck on fetching iPad baseband files? Do I have to repeat the whole process?
Most iPhone Users asking such question.

Well, you have to be patient on this process. It may take an hour or even more on slow Internet connection. How long does it take normally? Well, it depend on your Internet speed. You must have fast and stable Internet connection because redsn0w is trying to fetching (downloading) the iPad baseband files from Apple server and it will be installed on your iPhone 3GS.

The “fetching iPad baseband files” process exists on any redsn0w version which has “Install iPad baseband” option. It affects to redsn0w 0.9.6b5, redsn0w 0.9.6RC8, redsn0w 0.9.6RC9, 0.9.6RC11, and so on.

So, how much fix fetching iPad baseband files on redsn0w?
There is no fix for this. All you have to do is just wait… There’s nothing wrong with “Fetching iPad baseband files” that take too long, your Internet speed is the wrong one, it must be faster.