FileMaker Go: Forget About The Desk And Just Get The Work Done

On October 27, 2010

App Type: iPhone

FileMaker Go: Forget About The Desk And Just Get The Work Done

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By: FileMaker

Version #: 1.0.3

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Price: 19.99

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With the FileMaker Go app you can access all of your FileMaker Pro records from almost anywhere. Even when a WiFi connection is unavailable, you can still copy the data into the app and use iTunes for the transition process.

Anyone who has to head out of their office to do business knows that updating databases and records ends up being a very time-consuming and labor intensive process. First you make notes in the field and then you head back into the office and manually enter the data, and if you’re like most, you then spend time double-checking all of the changes. Using the FileMaker Go app, however, allows you to add, modify or delete information through your mobile device. You can navigate through records, sort them, and look at all of the classic views from almost any location. You can connect directly to your databases through a FileMaker server or a wireless network, and any entries are instantly updated universally. You can also copy data over through iTunes if no connection is available.

There may be some other FileMaker clients, but the FileMaker Go app is among the most effective and efficient among them.

This app functions with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. It does require access to a FileMaker Server for functionality as well.

The cost for the app is $19.99, and all updates are free of charge.

If you want easy access to all of your FileMaker Pro documents from anywhere, this is the app to download for the task.

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