Flickr Review – Flickr enters the mobile market

On April 1, 2013

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Flickr Review – Flickr enters the mobile market

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By: Yahoo!

Version #: 2.11.820

Date Released: 2013-04-01

Developer: Yahoo!

Price: Free

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Flickr has always been right in the middle of things when it comes to photography online. Early on they were a powerhouse site that innovated a social community of photogs and artists that were in the forefront of online photo sharing. As the years went by Yahoo acquired them and there came competition from other sites. Picasa, Facebook, Instagram all have taking their share of the user pie and with the sluggish development of Flickr it seemed like the photo behemoth was doomed.

Luckily Flickr has been enjoying a resurgence as of late due in part to Yahoo’s renewed commitment to developing the site, and the many shake ups at other sites over privacy and copyright of they content. With this comes a brand new Flickr app that aims to reinvent the service as the goto place for photographers and social image mavens. The first look at the app gives you the impression that this app is designed for photographers. The interface is full with images and the focus is on browsing and interacting with the content.

The first button along the bottom lets you browse your contacts’ and groups’ photos. You can browse their photos in a vertical list by date or in a series of horizontal lists by contact. If you are short on contacts Flickr will show you some recommended people to follow. The next button lets you explore the world of Flickr from trending photos to ones that have been geotagged near you. Dead center in the button bar is the now ubiquitous oversized camera buttons. One tap to take a photo and two taps to reach your photo stream. Flickr has a full compliment of filters that Instagram has made so popular. The final two buttons give you your Flickr Photos / Activity and the settings.

The app’s ability to interact with Groups and other users makes it key to its success as a mobile app. As more users make their phone or tablet their main computing device, it becomes necessary to enable all the features of the website within the mobile app. Not only can you follow groups and add photos to them, but you can also edit all the meta data from your photos.

While Flickr has had a rough few years, I think that this new app could signal a new era for the photo site. There isn’t anything new or surprising that Flickr has brought to the mobile space, but they app is a solid interface for building your photo portfolio.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Its Free!

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Users of Flickr

What I Like:Great Interface, usual compliment of features

What I Don't Like:nothing innovative to add to the platform

Final Statement:Flickr kicks in gear with a beautiful mobile app

Read the Developer's Notes:
Get the power of the world’s largest photo-sharing site in the palm of your hand!

? "It’s the best mobile photo app out there" - Forbes ?

? "The new Flickr app can be summed up with one word: beautiful." - New York Times ?

- Capture and create stunning photos: Take photos with the app’s easy-to-use camera and make them your own with all new filters, editing features, and geo-tagging.
- Share your photos with anyone, anywhere: Instantly share with your Flickr groups and Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email contacts. You pick.
- Discover the world through photos: The most interesting images in the world live on Flickr. Rediscover the world and be inspired by the Flickr community of photo hobbyists.
- Experience high-quality, high-resolution photos: Flickr maintains the original quality of your photos so they look as crisp and stunning as the moment you snapped the photo.  Your photos always look better on Flickr!
? Custom filters enhance your photos plus photo correction, retouching and many other tools
? Access your Flickr photos on any device – phone, tablet, computer and Apple TV!
? Connect with others around shared interests. Whether it’s food, travel, or anything else – Flickr has more than 1.6M groups, so there’s bound to be a Group that interests you!
? New justified layout photo display makes your personal photostream look amazing
? See recent photo activities from your friends and family. Make comments or mark them as favorites.
? Flexible, personal privacy options to make your photos as public or private as you want 

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