Flight Check In Review – Recommended for frequent travelers

On December 5, 2012

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Flight Check In Review – Recommended for frequent travelers

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By: Applosophy

Version #: 1.2.0

Date Released: 2011-11-30

Developer: Applosophy, LLC

Price: Free

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The thing about smartphones nowadays is that many things are made so much simpler and easy. Now, this luxurious convenience has extended to airlines, with Flight Check In allowing for well, as the name suggests, checking in to major airliners through your mobile device.

With a decent assortment of airlines to check in with, Flight Check In neatly provides 9 square tabs on a grid for you to store your favorite airliners. This added extra convenience allows you to quickly access your most frequented airlines, speeding up the check in process. Tapping on any of the tabs brings up a menu to check into the respective airlines.

Extra features include the ability to book cars or hotels with Flight Check In. While not its niche area, it still provides a detailed enough menu that is simple enough not to complicate things and gets the job done well.

Visually, Flight Check In does a great job in creating a simplistic backdrop to make utilization of the app easy on the eyes. However, at the same time the app decorates the 9 tabs with an animation of a plane taking off into the skies, very interesting indeed.

The only gripe I have about Flight Check In would be the limited number of airliners provided. The list seems to be exclusive to only American and Canadian airliners.

A free app, I would recommend Flight Check In for download if you are a frequent traveler.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:N.A

Who Is It For:Travelers

What I Like:Simplistic navigation layout

What I Don't Like:Limited airline selection

Final Statement:Apps like these make life so easy

Read the Developer's Notes:
Are you a Frequent Flyer? If so, odds are you are a very busy person and need to save time any way you can. Our revolutionary new Flight Check-In app is the perfect tool to help you do just that!

Flight Check-In is a unique application that allows you to easily CHECK-IN to all major airlines in the United States, Canada and South America. Don’t waste time finding individual apps for individual airlines, or worse still, waiting at the airport to check-in. We have gathered all of the airlines in one place, a finger tap away, for your convenience.

No matter what airlines you use, you can always customize your home screen with your favorite airline providers.

In order to make your life easier, we have also designed a unique web interface that allows for a one-time insertion of all pertinent check-in information. By safely storing your personal travel information like passport and frequent flyer numbers, these fields can then be easily accessed and inputted in all future check-ins; just another way we can help you save time.

Flight Check-In also has a “print screen” feature that allows you to take a picture of the screen featuring your confirmation number. You can save that picture as a photo in your photo library, ensuring that you won’t lose it.

In addition, Flight Check-In allows you to access directories for most Hotel and Car rental providers. You can use our app to book hotels and cars so that, once you get off the plane, you can continue on to your destination and get settled as quickly as possible. After all, who doesn’t want to relax after a long flight?

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. So, just sit back and enjoy the flight!

The Benefits of Using the Flight Check-In App:

- Time, Time and more Time!
- Direct access to the Check-In page of each company.
- One app for all major airline providers in the Americas.
- Beautiful and clear design for accessible use
- No need to retype stored personal information.
- Save your info and use it to check-in to any airline company

Bonus Features:

-Find a Directory for most Hotels providers.
-Find a Directory for most Car Rental providers.

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