Flip Calendar – Should actually be called Skip Calendar

On July 26, 2013

App Type: Android

Flip Calendar – Should actually be called Skip Calendar

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By: Whyz Lab

Version #: 1.3

Date Released: 20130625

Developer: Whyz Lab

Price: Free

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There’s no denying that there are many calendar apps on the Google Play marketplace. Between Google Calendar, aCalendar and Business Calendar, you should have all of your bases covered. Even with the saturated market, Whyz Creative Lab thought it wise to create a new calendar app. Unfortunately, that is where their creativity stops.

The Good

The only good thing about Flip Calendar is how good it looks. It is a sleek, futuristic and clean looking calendar app that looks great from the moment that you open it. It gives your phone a minimalistic feel, and it is free. But, unfortunately, that’s where the goodness ends with this application.

The Bad

Regrettably, Whyz Creative Lab Inc has apparently not given much thought to this app at all. There are no features that wow us, and worst of all, the app is not very functional. Having a non-functional calendar app is a big no-no in my book, and even worse, having any app that has no point to it really. There are no settings to tinker with (well, there’s a settings button but it doesn’t even work). This also means that there aren’t any variations in the calendar’s look; what you download is the only skin you can get. And, there’s no calendar widget for you to put onto your homescreen.

The Ugly Truth

Whyz Creative Lab Inc has done nothing except tease a calendar app. Flip Calendar is unimaginative, lackluster on all fronts, and brings nothing interesting to the world of calendar apps. You’re much better off sticking with Google Calendar or aCalendar. Flip Calendar is an app I wouldn’t even bother wasting any of your bandwidth on.

Quick Take

Value:Extremely Low

Would I Buy Again:N/A

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Those that want to be annoyed with a settings button that doesn't work

What I Like:Looks good.

What I Don't Like:Settings button is there, but isn't functional

Final Statement:Stick with any of the other calendar apps on Google Play, all of which have more functionality than Flip Calendar.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Calendar for 2013 with impressive effect.

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