Flipboard for iPad Review

On January 6, 2011

App Type: iPad

Flipboard for iPad Review

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By: Flipboard, Inc.

Version #: 1.1.1

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Developer: By Flipboard Inc.

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It’s been named the iPad’s killer app and not without reason; the free magazine-style social reading app is really a great piece of software. And it’s free as well! What’s so great about it, read on…

After installation you get to pick services to ‘read’; this can be Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter streams and a bunch of news / blog picks. You can use any Twitter stream to add custom sites; a Twitter stream is like an RSS feed (with only titles) of a site fed to Twitter. Nice idea and easy to set up for any site, making it accessible to Flipboard.

For people who never liked Twitter because of the 140 char textbox, this is a revolution; your Twitter feed (or rather, any Twitter feed) will suddenly look like a magazine and it reads like a magazine too. You easily flip through pages of nicely laid out Tweets; if a Tweet has a web page attached, Flipboard downloaded (with unbelievable speed…) a snippet off that webpage and turns that part into a very nice looking magazine column.

The Twitter view is an indication of how the rest of the views will look, and it’s good; you have a uniform look with a nice, readable font. Of course, depending in which app you are at any moment, you have a few options; in Twitter you can reply and follow; in Facebook you can reply and Like etc. Right there from the app.

Flipboard may not be for everyone, but i’m willing to bet it’s for most people. It makes reading and browsing very fast and easy and you finally can read most your Twitter and Facebook feeds without actually having to open other browser windows and tabs. My colleague Brian already added this to the must have iPad apps (https://www.whatsoniphone.com/list/must-have-ipad-apps/) and he was entirely right to do so!

I would love to see more types of publishers (Quora please!) or have Flipboard make it easy to create publisher plugins. But it’s very close to perfect; the interface certainly is.

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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