On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
FMScreen turns the iPhone into a musical instrument: an FM Synthesizer. Play, improvise, compose. Imagine the Theremin’s younger relative, only it fits in your pocket. Tap and slide your fingers on the iPod Touch/iPhone’s screen to generate sounds, control their frequency, duration, timber and amplitude.??An FM Synthesizer generates simple waveforms that interact to create complex sounds of varying timbre. The interaction with the screen of the iPhone allows controlling the frequency of a sine wave (carrier), and the the amount of modulation (richness of the sound). The amplitude/volume of the sound is controlled by the inclination of the iPhone /iPod itself.??FEATURES- Tap on the screen: Sound on or off.- Slide your finger along the length of the screen to control the carrier’s frequency.- Slide your finger along the width of the screen to control the index of modulation (richness of the sound).- Tilt the phone sideways to dynamically change the volume.- Pinch along the device’s length to change the c/m ratio.- Pinch along the device’s width to set the frequency active frequency range (4 – 6 octaves).- Tap three fingers to display an octave grid and snap frequencies to the equal tempered chromatic scale.