Foodie the Bug for iphone Review

On January 3, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Foodie the Bug for iphone Review

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By: MegaCubic Entertainment Inc.

Version #: 1.1

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Sometimes a game’s theme is intimately tied to a story while other times, it is best not to question why you are throwing angry fowl to their death at stacks of blocks containing swine. Foodie the Bug clearly falls into the latter category. With a “because we said so” take on theme development, Megacubic brings us a fast flying action game that aims to impress you.

Foodie is a game that aims to look at life of a bug that is obsessed with candy and junk food. Each level has you launch Foodie into the air and then to glide him toward the finish while collecting as many jelly beans as you can. The controls are simply tilting back and forth to adjust your flight, but each move drains your energy bar so you have to pick up more jelly beans to recharge it. Luckily, there are power ups that help you by giving you speed boosts or sucking up near by jelly beans. Once you reach the end of a level, it tallies up the time remaining, number of jelly beans and items you collected, and then gives you a one to three star rating.

If simply beating levels isn’t enough for you, there are a myriad of achievements waiting to be unlocked. Not only can you gains achievements for getting three stars, but there are also food items that can be collected during levels. These can subsequently be used to complete recipes from the various locales that are featured in the game. The jelly beans themselves also serve a dual purpose, as they can be used to upgrade you player and purchase power up items for use during the level.

The basic gameplay of Foodie the Bug is fun and game offers plenty of levels and extras to keep you busy. One items of note that was a bit annoying was the frame rate indicator that floats in the lower left corner. It even sits above the “menu” buttons on some screens. This, along with a few spelling errors and oddly ordered help screens, make me wonder if this game was not quite finished being developed when they released it. To be fair, these are all easy fixes in future updates, and they do very little to take away from the game. Foodie the Bug stands as a fun game for the casual gamer that doesn’t require much time to play, but gives you piles of fun.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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