Frantic Flight HD Review – Run baby, run

On November 27, 2012

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Frantic Flight HD Review – Run baby, run

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By: Drakhar Studio

Version #: 1.02

Date Released: 2012-04-28

Developer: Drakhar Studio

Price: 0.99

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Think of Temple Run with a futuristic element of Tron infused with it. Despite the eerie music and attempts at creating a cheesy background, I hardly paid any attention to the plot. That is because the gameplay mechanics of Frantic Flight are so great that they distract you from everything else.

The game starts off as a side scrolling platform, but do note the phrase ‘starts off’. Virtual buttons are positioned at the sides of the screen for maneuvering purposes and while they are not exactly the most sensitive, they still do their job moderately well. The game involves dodging obstacles in an attempt to escape an incoming ball of plasma, and with an added twist, Frantic Flight changes perspective at certain parts of stages.

This is where the resemblance with Temple Run comes in, as Frantic Flight changes its camera angle. This brings a new way to play the game, keeping things interesting for extended gameplay.

I love the graphics in Frantic Flight. The characters are designed to give a futuristic feel reminiscent of the Tron movie, where they have luminous lines running through their sleek and smooth bodies. Platforms and backgrounds are also patterned to give the appearance of a high tech environment.

For $0.99, Frantic Flight is a pretty decent game to get. While it does need some polishing and refining to make the whole appearance smoother, it is still nonetheless a very good game to download.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Moderate

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The change in perspective aspect

What I Don't Like:The game graphics are a little intense on the eyes

Final Statement:Moral of the story: Blobs of plasma are dangerous

Read the Developer's Notes:
In Space no one can hear you scream... but YOU can RUN!!!

A terrible explosion has destroyed your extraction base, an immense ball of plasma is closing on you, and your only possibility of survival is to run and run until you get to the transport ship.

Avoid dangerous obstacles and pitfalls, jumping over the gaps to save your life.

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