Free Music Download Pro for iPhone, iPad Review

On August 2, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Free Music Download Pro for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: Zentertain Ltd.

Version #: 1.2

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Developer: By Zentertain Ltd.

Price: $0.99

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Is thee such a thing as a free lunch? This Free Music Download Pro app would make you believe there is: or free music at least while you’re eating. Well it’s at number 7 in the top 200 best selling apps, so there must be something to this baby…. Or are we just all being suckered? (hint: yes we are!)

When I see free music I son’t think of people happily singing in the streets, I think ‘lawsuits’ and big music corporations getting all het up and wheeling out Bono to complain how he’s making only a couple of billion a year and boohoo, he can’t buy China. However, Free Music Download Pro claims that not only are they free (well, apart from the app, which you have to buy at a rather stiff $4.99 which isn’t free by a long chalk in my book), they are also legal. Really? How did they manage to squeeze past Bono? Well, here’s what they do: (and watch this space, they probably won’t be doing it for much longer!): they just link you to websites with links to free music.

The app itsself has NO music at all. Which brings us to a big issue with this app: the websites they link to aren’t, at all, suited to mobile. so it looks like crap and it’s difficult to use. Even worse: after you’ve waded through endless popups and sign up screens, the downloads often don’t work on iphone. And if by lucky chance you manage to download a song, you can only listen to it WITHIN the app, you cannot add it to your library!

This app is a complete waste of time, please stay away from it!
We rate this app 1 out of 5 stars

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